GRE Math

GRE Math, also known as the Quantitative Reasoning Measure, is a test of your problem solving and math skills. You don't need to relearn calculus, but anything through Algebra II is fair game and there are some tough word problems to contend with. The test has four question types: quantitative comparison, multiple-choice where you select only one answer choice, multiple-choice where you select one or more answer choices, and numeric entry questions. Some questions are stand-alone and others are part of a data interpretation set. You'll want to practice a lot! We can help with that.

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GRE Algebra

Algebra questions ask you to solve various types of equations.

GRE Arithmetic

The math basics you learned in high school.

GRE Data Analysis

Also known as data interpretation.

GRE Geometry

More than just shapes!

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Practice with test-quality GRE math questions.

GRE Math Question Types

There are four different question types to study.

GRE Math Tips

Math strategies to help you prep.

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