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GRE Vocabulary eBook

The content in this post applies in 2024 to the new, shorter GRE!


Based on the many requests from our students for a handy GRE resource (thank you, as always, for your suggestions!), we’ve compiled the best of our word lists into a free GRE vocabulary ebook.

This one-stop vocabulary resource for the GRE in eBook form will help you get ready for the GRE Verbal anytime, anywhere.

Our GRE vocabulary ebook includes:

  • Instructions on how to use our very popular GRE vocabulary lists
  • How to not use GRE vocabulary word lists!
  • Themed lists, organized by category
  • 300+ of the most common GRE vocabulary words
  • Recommended resources for finding/learning new words
  • A total of 102 pages!

Complete, Free Guide to GRE Vocabulary - Magoosh

Our eBook is designed to be your trusty sidekick, with exercises and resources that make learning feel engaging and fun. Imagine leveling up your vocab skills, one epic word at a time, and actually enjoying the ride. It’s like having a vocab party in your brain, and yes, you’re totally invited!

Feel free to share with friends, print it out, and use it to learn some new vocabulary words on the go. Let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback (love it? hate it? let us know!) by leaving us a comment below.

And we have a general GRE eBook as well!

If you’d like printable flashcards, check out GRE Vocabulary Flashcards eBook!

For a PDF of all the words found on our flashcard app, check out this topic on our FAQ page!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our vocab eBook and start flexing those brain muscles. It’s time to make those tricky GRE words your friend. And remember, this journey is all about making progress at your own pace, in your own style. Whether you’re a quiz master, a flashcard fanatic, or a thematic list lover, we’ve got something for everyone. Grab your device, download the eBook, and let’s turn that GRE vocab section into a victory dance.


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