Learn GRE Vocabulary with Moira Rose [Video]

Roses and rose wine for Magoosh GRE and Moira Rose vocabulary list

For fans of the show Schitt’s Creek, Magoosh has a new video for your delectation: GRE vocabulary meets Moira Rose! If that alone isn’t enough to sway you—or if you’re unfamiliar with the Emmy-award winning show—Moira is an actress who frequently uses the kind of obscure and multi-syllabic words that the GRE loves to test you on. Click on the video below to start learning!

Other Moira Rose Words

Looking for more Moira Rose vocabulary? We’d be remiss not to share a few more words! For an extra challenge, try coming up with your own sample sentences (bonus points for using them in conversation!).

  • Confabulate
    • To talk or chat
    • Despite our busy schedules, we finally found a free hour to confabulate about our news.
  • Epistle
    • A letter or written communication
    • An epistle was sent to me from my talent agent to coax me back into becoming a performing artist. I balled it up and threw it away as I’m content being a librarian.
  • Juvenescence
    • Being or becoming youthful
    • Selena admired her grandfather’s juvenescence. Despite their age gap, he knew more about pop culture than she did.
  • Pecuniary
    • Consisting of or measured in money
    • Joseph was greedy, he was trying to find a pecuniary advantage out of a terrible situation.
  • Scintilla
    • A tiny amount of something
    • He held out a scintilla of hope that he could buy the limited edition beer before it sold out.

How else can I learn GRE vocabulary?

We would love to tell you that all you need to learn more GRE vocab words is to watch more episodes of Schitt’s Creek, but that wouldn’t be accurate! Still, if the thought of studying GRE vocabulary makes you…well, emotionally encumbered, there are lots of free or affordable resources to suit your studying preferences.

  • GRE Word Lists: If you prefer quizzes and flashcards, or vocab you can study from anywhere, check out our roundup of the best—and the worst—GRE word lists.

Wishing you the best of luck on your peregrination to the GRE test!

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