To get your study schedule for your upcoming test, enter your test date:

Add the 1 Month Schedule to your Google Calendar

To get your study schedule for your upcoming test, enter your test date:

How to add the 1 Month GRE Study Schedule to your Google Calendar:

    Step 1: Enter your GRE test date in the box above (MM/DD/YYYY), then click “Get Calendar”! A file called “calendar” will automatically download.
    Step 2: Open Google Calendar in your browser. Note: You can only import from a computer, not a phone or tablet.
    Step 3: Click the plus sign (+) next to “Add Calendar,” then choose “New Calendar.”
    Step 4: Choose a name for your study calendar. “Magoosh GRE Study Schedule” is an obvious way to go…but it’s up to you! Then click “Create Calendar.”
    Step 5: Go back to “Add Calendar” and select “Import.”
    Step 6: Click “Choose File” and select the “calendar” file you just downloaded. The file should end in “ics” or “csv.”
    Step 7: Choose which calendar to add the imported events to. By default, events will be imported into your primary calendar, but you’ll want to add it to the new calendar you just created for this purpose. That way, you can change the colors and make it really stand out.
    Step 8: Click “Import.” You’re done!
Improve your GRE score with Magoosh.

Note: If your GRE test date is fewer than four weeks away, this study schedule will start in the past!

Let us know how you like this calendar integration, by leaving us a comment or suggestion below.

P.S. Ready to improve your GRE score? Get started today.

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