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Archive | Math Basics

Mean, Median and Mode on the GRE

Over the last six months, I’ve gone through quite a few Revised GRE prep books. One thing I’ve noticed missing is difficult questions relating to mean, median, and mode. Sure, most books describe how to find the average, and what the difference between the mean and the median. Many already know the above, but mean, […]

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Breakdown of the Most Commonly Tested GRE Quant Concepts

The 2nd edition Official Guide has just been released. At the back of the book is a new test (GRE Practice Test 2). In general, the concept break down is not surprising, if you look at the concepts that pop up in Practice Test 1 (which is the same as the practice test in the […]

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Proportions on the GRE

Proportions are extremely common on the GRE. If you don’t have a strong grasp of them, and you are busy trying to figure out combinations/permutations or probability, stop. Focus your attention on mastering proportions before moving on to more tertiary concepts. So let’s start basic. Proportions can be broken up into two groups: direct proportions […]

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GRE Math: Ratios

Ratios are one of those concepts that can pop up in just about any GRE problem. You could have the ratio between two angles that form from intersecting lines. You could have the ratio of rates a person drove at. With such a broad application, ratios are one of the concepts it is imperative you […]

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GRE Math: Absolute Values

On average you will see at least one question on the Revised GRE dealing with absolute values. You may even see a few. Yet, absolute value gets lost in the prep fray amongst the more popular concepts. So if you don’t want this relatively innocuous concept to surprise you test day read on.   What […]

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GRE Math Video Lessons: Series and Counting Basics

A relatively popular concept on the GRE math is series – when you have a list of numbers that follow a certain pattern(e.g. consecutive numbers). Usually, the question will ask you to add up all the numbers that are part of the series. Today, we are not going to go quite so far. Instead, we are going […]

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