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Student Post: Conventional and Unconventional Tips to Ace the GRE!

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.11.01 AMThis week, we have the pleasure of hearing some great GRE (and life!) tips from Marshall. Thanks Marshall, for both the tips and the awesome enthusiasm! 😀 

About me: I am an outdoors person! I have a degree in Biogeochemistry, and I plan to enter graduate school in the same general field; however, I hope to have a greater focus on environmental remediation and conservation techniques ( I want to feel like I am actually helping!). I am an avid climber, mountain biker, writer, podcaster, meditator, and ‘flow’-chaser. I really like coffee and yerba mate.

Biggest challenge: Dude… as a scientist, I really considered myself a math person; however, the math was totally the hardest (and most fun) part of the test. The practice questions from Magoosh did a good job of keeping the challenge level just high enough to keep me engaged, but also didn’t allow me to become discouraged. In other words, they promoted a very high level of stoke, which = optimal test preparation experience. It was actually fun to do my practice questions every morning!

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If I could change anything in my studies: I would keep it all the same. I only used Magoosh and only needed Magoosh! Having everything right there allowed me to diagnose weak areas quickly, become well-rounded, and to not spend a whole bunch of unnecessary time trying to conciliate disparate study materials (see what I did there?).

Helpful tips for other students: Yes… just go ahead and get Magoosh. It was seriously worth it for me. Make sure to set a schedule for studying (e.g. ‘I will do 20 math and verbal questions every day after 10 minutes of vocab review before I can have … [insert some rewarding thing… whether breakfast or being allowed to get on Facebook].” )

Also – this is a bit more unconventional tip, but dialing your diet and mental states many are really helpful tips (for life as well as test-taking). Obviously I can’t outline that all here, but I can suggest quickly that it might be worth researching:

1. High-Fat & High-Vegetable Diets, Ketosis, and the effects on the brain, and
2. ‘Flow’ States and how to achieve them.

As an individual, it will take a little self-experimentation, but turning on your mind in these two ways is really powerful.

PS. If you want to hear more from Marshall, you should check out his podcasts on iTunes. They’re pretty cool!

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One Response to Student Post: Conventional and Unconventional Tips to Ace the GRE!

  1. Dan May 5, 2014 at 10:04 am #

    Thanks for sharing, Marshall.

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