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GRE Student Post: Start Studying Early

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About me: I’m originally from San Francisco, but I live in Berkeley now. I majored in History, and I really like to read and travel and explore. I also played oboe in high school and college. In grad school, I want to study Public Health, with a focus in Health Policy and Management. Humanities are my strong point – not so much quantitative subjects.

My biggest challenge: Without a doubt, math was the most difficult topic for me. I hate math – the reason I took AP Calculus my senior year of high school (7 years ago) was so that when I passed, I would never have to take a math class ever again. When I started studying for the GRE, I needed to completely re-learn geometry and algebra. I started by watching the Magoosh lesson videos, doing the quizzes at the end of the modules, and custom practicing with just the lessons that I’d already learned. Rong Yang’s GRE/ GMAT Math review book was also helpful. When I got frustrated with my poor performance in math, I’d take a break by studying vocabulary or relaxing, and then I’d go back to the math.

If I could re-do my studies: I would focus more on making sure I understood why I got questions wrong. I would also spend a little more time studying in the week before the GRE. In the practice test I took one week before my GRE, I got a great score. My score went down a couple points in the actual GRE – I think because I got complacent. For students who are thinking about taking the GRE or are studying now, I would say start studying early. That way you can really figure out where you’re weakest, and focus on improving those areas.

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