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GRE Student Post: How I Mastered Reading Comprehension

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Today, Mihir has some great tips for the RC section, as well as for managing your stress on the day of the exam. Thanks, Mihir!

About me: I’m from Mumbai, India, and I’m pursuing my undergraduate degree in Production Engineering. I intend to complete my Masters in Operations Research. I love playing table tennis and I’m a complete foodie.

My prep plan: I found reading comprehension to be the toughest part. The ones you’re likely to see on test day have a very convoluted structure and though they might not contain obscure words, they aren’t easy to understand. The email support team helped me to overcome this difficulty. I studied the strategies to crack RCs from Magoosh’s lessons and the Manhattan study guide. Also, I would like to say that simply memorizing a lot of words won’t help. You need to have an understanding of vocab in context. Magoosh RC questions emulate the kind of stuff that you can expect to see on test day. The video explanations are helpful. By doing all this, I think I found the RCs the easiest verbal topic on my test day.

Tips: If you are taking your GRE some time next year, start reading a lot. And preferably get into a habit of reading from a screen rather than a conventional book. In addition to this, I have a habit of reading at least a few pages of a book before going to bed. That helped me a lot. Also, you don’t need to know a lot of words to crack the GRE. 500-700 basic words are enough to get you a decent score, in my opinion. I found to be an efficient way of learning words. For math, I think knowing all the basic concepts is necessary. Solve the ‘Hard’ and ‘Very Hard’ questions from Magoosh if you have less time and are fairly confident in math. In general, re-attempt the questions that you get wrong the first time on Magoosh to review your mistakes. Get your essays evaluated from a friend and keep in mind the feedback received. Most importantly, have fun while preparing for the GRE. I loved solving practice questions and that attitude helped me in achieving a decent score. You may get bored by the long word lists but you can gamify the process by using the mentioned resources. Also, find a way to de-stress while preparing for the exam. I used to play a lot of Plants vs Zombies during my preparation. Keeping calm on test day is the most important thing. I gave the test along with a friend of mine and we both kept each other in a good mood on the day of the exam. My test score was higher than any of the mock tests I had given. All the best and happy prepping. You can buzz me on Twitter if you have any queries.

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2 Responses to GRE Student Post: How I Mastered Reading Comprehension

  1. Larry November 2, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

    Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for sharing Mihir’s post regarding reading comprehension. RC has been my least favorite section and toughest challenge for years. I concur, the ones on the GRE are among the most convoluted I’ve read. I could easily be one of Chris’ students whom when asked what did you read, would result in a blank stare. I find Magoosh strategies to be very helpful. As corny as some suggestions seem, they work, especially when it comes to vocab in context. Gold star for Chris! Who would have ever guessed flipchart paper with random vocab, examples sentences, and other GRE prep info would become original artwork in my family room! I’m not where I desire to be, but I have not given up either. Making it fun with Magoosh! Adding to my toolkit. Cheers!!

    • Rachel Wisuri
      Rachel November 4, 2013 at 11:15 am #

      Keep up the good work, Larry! 🙂

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