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Free Resources from Uniguru and Magoosh

We have a lot of students coming from all parts of the world and particularly South and Southeast Asia. You can be certain that they, like most other grad school aspirants have bucket loads of questions, many unique to very special circumstances. Well the good news is that you’ve got a friend in Uniguru, an awesome site with tons of information and advice on studying abroad for students from India and South Asia.

Here are a couple Magoosh/Uniguru resources we think you should check out:

Improve your GRE score with Magoosh.

A Big List of Magoosh’s Free GRE Resources
GRE Preparation Videos with Chris Lele from Magoosh
Scholarships for Funding Your Study Abroad

No matter where you come from or are in the world, hopefully you’ll find this information useful and definitely check back with Uniguru and Magoosh for more resource in the future!

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4 Responses to Free Resources from Uniguru and Magoosh

  1. Paco November 7, 2013 at 9:56 pm #

    Hi Chris,

    First of all, thanks for the great work Magoosh is doing!

    Am an international (southeast asia) and I just took the GRE yesterday… I got a 165 in Verbal and a 162 in Quant (not that high really..).

    I’m interested in going to the US for an economics PhD, do you think I have a chance even for just tier 2 or tier 3 schools? or should I retake?

    Thanks a lot!!

    • Chris Swimmer
      Chris Swimmer November 15, 2013 at 3:53 pm #

      Hey Paco! At PhD level they’re going to be looking very closely at your research goals. I’d say your quant score is definitely on the low side for econ programs, but that could be made up by research fit. 🙂

      Chris S

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