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The Little Things

This blog post was originally going to be about my terrible morning: about waking up at 6 o’clock with an aching tummy, unsettling nausea, and that sinking feeling… you know, that feeling that something (somebody, some part of you) is amiss. And all you can do is groan. I had to skip out on interning today. Instead I spent most of the workday in transit or at the local Kaiser Permanente (which in fact is only local to people who have cars…). The doctor saw me and it’s nothing serious. He just prescribed me some medicine which made me feel better within a few hours. Interestingly enough, I had a great conversation with the taxi driver from Eco-Friendly Cab–apparently, the name doesn’t really denote anything special about the company, all taxi cabs will have to be more fuel-efficient. However the name does seem to attract people more (I must confess, when I googled “cab berkeley” my mouse went straight there). I spent the rest of my day in bed, resting and lounging and reading and whatnot. The summer is truly better when you don’t have a dreaded class to go to.

Remember these? We used to use these little things at elementary school. A simple dry-erase board–one side blank, the other side lined. I used to solve addition problems on them. Now I can solve algebraic problems, yippee! I’m almost done with sentence completion exercises from Barron’s, and next week I’ll probably post on reading comprehension. Yes I know I’m a kind of behind on my schedule, but the whole month of August is quantitative, so hopefully things will pick up soon.

Whenever I go through flashcards now, I make a list and sort of “file” them by which ones I still need to learn and which ones I have learned. I think it’s these little things that make learning vocabulary efficient and a little bit fun. All in all, I’m just separating the wheat from the chaff*.


*: chaff, n. the unproductive parts around the grain seed.

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