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Student Post: Follow a Study Plan!

About me: My name is Abhishek Thosar. I’m from Mumbai, India, but currently work in another city – Chennai, India. I am a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) – Varanasi, and my undergraduate major was in Mechanical Engineering. I am a fun-loving, super-social guy generally but behave as an introvert at times. I […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: TOEFL Words That Are Also GRE Words

Many of you studying for the GRE will also be studying for another test: the TOEFL. Indeed, you might be studying both at the same time. Even if you aren’t in this group, you probably already know that the level of vocabulary on the two tests is very different. However, you might be surprised to […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Travel Words

For many summer means languorous days at the beach, evenings promenading through town, and balmy nights with friends and family. For the lucky few, it can be all of these—if they’re on vacation. Interestingly, summer is a time for travel, those few weeks where we can check out of our daily routine and experience the […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: H Words!

There are very few letters in the alphabet that have yet to be featured on Vocabulary Wednesday. In fact, ‘H’ might very well be the last one. But don’t worry: there are always prefixes and suffixes! Histrionic Do you waltz, gambol and gallivant across the stage of life? Do you overreact to everything, swooning when […]

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