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It’s time for Refer-A-Friendsgiving!

Are you a premium Magoosh student? I’m excited to announce a limited-time referral program for our brand new Praxis Core prep! If you refer a friend to Magoosh’s Praxis prep, you will get a free (and exclusive!) Magoosh t-shirt! As always, you’ll also get the $10 Amazon Gift Card that comes with referrals. Here are […]

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GRE Brain Twister: A Prime Example

Here’s this month’s GRE Brain Twister! Try to answer it in the comments below, and we’ll post the answer on Thursday! A math teacher assigns a distinct prime number, starting with the lowest, for each student in her class. If she chooses two students at random, the probability the sum of their numbers is not […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Vocabulary from Article of the Month (Part I)

The first of the two articles in this article of the month was such a cornucopia of words that I have split into two vocabulary Wednesday posts. If you haven’t read the articles, I highly recommend them. It’s a different format than usual; it’s a debate of sorts, in which I pit two perspectives against […]

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New Test Prep for Teachers

I am so excited to announce Magoosh’s newest test prep offering: the Praxis Core. The Praxis is a certifying exam for students who want to become teachers in the United States public school system. Please help us spread the word to aspiring teachers! About the Praxis Core: The Praxis Core exam has three subjects: Math, […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: “Con”-notations (and Denotations!)

Con- is a tricky root because people often think of “pros” and “cons”, and that con- therefore means “against”, like the root “contra”. “Con-“ actually means “with”, but that usually won’t help you much since the roots that follow “con-“ are usually pretty esoteric. It is better to learn the definition of these “con-“ words. […]

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Articles of the Month – Battle of the Grammarians

In the left corner, weighing in with a Harvard doctorate degree in philosophy and a tenured position at the university, is intellectual rock star, Stephen Pinker-author of such bestselling books as The Blank Slate and The Language Instinct. In the right corner, weighing in with the irreproachable intellectual organ that is the New Yorker, is […]

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