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GRE Vocab Wednesday: “Mmmm” Words

There are myriad ‘M’ words on the GRE. From maudlin to mellifluous, multifaceted to myrmidon (the last of these words I define below). Sadly, I’m limited here, but for ‘M’ words on a past Vocabulary Wednesday, google “Dial ‘M’ for Vocabulary”. Mountebank The mountebank took advantage of the public’s penchant to believe that anything in […]

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GRE Accommodations: What to Know for Test Day

For students with learning disabilities or test-taking limitations, the maker of the GRE, Educational Testing Services (ETS), provides a number of disability accommodations—extra time, braille tests, screen magnifiers, ergonomic keyboards, and more. Students must apply for these GRE accommodations before signing up for their test through ETS Disability Services. It’s great that ETS provides these […]

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Vocabulary Wednesday – ‘G’reat ‘G’re Words

Words that begin with ‘G’. Not the most exciting theme, understandably. But these words are worth knowing. Gauche If you’ve always thought there’s something a little off with “lefties”, you might like this word. From the French for ‘left’, gauche means clumsy and socially awkward. The connotation here is that ‘left’ is awkward (not quite […]

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A Big List of Magoosh’s Free GRE Resources

Magoosh’s team of GRE experts have put a considerable amount of time into creating a wide variety of the free GRE studying resources which have been released over the years. Of course, we know that your time is especially valuable when you’re studying for the GRE and you would rather not sacrifice important study time […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Sentence Equivalence from Magoosh Part II

I pecked around our copious Sentence Equivalence questions and noticed quite a few good words that have never been featured on Vocab Wednesday, or at least haven’t been featured for many years (yes, I’ve been doing this for quite awhile now!) I encountered more such words than I expected, so I made this a two […]

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