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GRE Scores

When it comes to prepping for the GRE, the most important thing to keep in mind is your target GRE score. The entire point of studying for this brutal exam is to get a score that qualifies you for admission into your desired graduate program. Knowing your goal before you start your prep will help […]

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Student Referral Rewards: Refer Friends = Get Rewards.

Do you love Magoosh? If so, refer your friends and you will be handsomely rewarded. We will send you a $10 Amazon gift card for each friend of yours that also buys a paid account (GRE or GMAT; Math, Verbal, Premium, or 30-day–it doesn’t matter what kind of subscription, as long as it’s a paid one!). […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Dial “M” for Vocab

Up till now—two years in counting—we’ve had a myriad of ‘M’ words: maudlin, mawkish, monolithic, maunder, etc. Yet, there are still myriad more words to learn (and I assume that before you do so you’ll already know the definition of high-frequency words such as mitigate, maintain, and munificent—all former words on Vocab Wednesday). Multifarious Diverse, […]

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GRE Student Post: “Concentrate deeply and honestly on your mistakes”

Say hello to Ricardo, a Brazil native who did yoga and meditation before test day to calm his nerves! Read on about his experience with the GRE. About Me: I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and have lived here all my life. In the meantime I have spent 6 months at Oberlin (Ohio) and one […]

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Learning from GRE Math Practice

I’m going to ask you a question whose answer seems painfully obvious. What is the purpose of doing practice GRE math questions? Take a minute to really consider that question in its entirety, and explore the implications of your answer. If your answer was any of these, or something similar to these, then it’s over-simple: […]

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Magoosh GRE Brain Twister: A Prime Location – Explanation

I hope you got a chance to try your hand at this week’s question. Let’s start by refreshing your memory: Question How many three-digit numbers contain three primes that sum to an even number? 27 28 54 55 64   Answer and Explanation In order for three prime numbers to sum to an even number, […]

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GRE Voc”A”bulary Wednesday: Part II

Recently, I had an installment that featured GRE words beginning with the letter “A”. There were so many possible words that a few didn’t make the cut. Well, instead of letting these words slip away, I figured why not come up with Part II. Accede (to) To give in to a demand or a request […]

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GRE Student Post: “Focus on what you’re uncomfortable with.”

This week we hear from UC Santa Cruz alum Josh. He improved his GRE score by a big margin through practice, practice, practice. Hear what he has to say! About Me: Hi, my name is Josh and I was a Philosophy major at University of California: Santa Cruz. I’m applying to Occupational Therapy programs this […]

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Magoosh Brain Twister: A Prime Location

Ready for this week’s brain twisting math challenge question?   How many three-digit numbers contain three primes that sum to an even number? 27 28 54 55 64   Be sure to check back on Thursday for the answer and explanation! Good luck.  

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Student Post: Three Tips for Success on the GRE

Hey everyone, say hello to Kristal this week! She’s got three foolproof tips to help you make the most of your GRE prep. About me: I am currently working as a social worker in Boston. I am originally from China and have been in the US for five years. I majored in social work in […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Rhyme Time

That words rhyme is no surprise. That some of these words show up on the GRE makes things interesting.   Inure To become accustomed to something unpleasant is to become inured to it. The constant hubbub outside my apartment window (revving motorbikes, rambunctious revelers) is something I hope one day to become inured to, though […]

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