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Magoosh Brain Twister: Get Your Factorials Straight! – Explanation

Check out this solution to Monday’s Get Your Factorials Straight! Brain Twister: It is tempting to think that the two columns are equal: x^2 – y^2 = (x – y)(x + y). But 4! x 4! does not equal 16! Compare below: 16! = 16x15x 14×13…x2x 1 4! x 4! = 4x3x2x1x4x3x2x1 You’ll notice that […]

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GRE Student Post: “Standardized tests are not my specialty.”

Today, we’re hearing from Chelsea. She’s got some great tips–and some great goals for her future. Thanks, Chelsea!  About me: Hello fellow test takers! My name is Chelsea, and I am from St. Paul, MN. I graduated in 2010 from the University of Minnesota with a degree in International Relations. After graduating from college, I wasn’t […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: GRE Tricksters

English abounds with words implying deceit. A façade is a false face you put on to mislead. A ploy is a crafty plan to get the advantage. There is ruse, cunning, treacherous, and a whole other slew of words that don’t quite get GRE billing status—meaning they are known to most.     Chicanery Getting […]

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GRE Article of the Month – July 2014: Secrets of the Creative Brain

We’ve all known them: really smart people who seem a little…off. Sure, there are plenty of sane geniuses, but might the brilliant amongst us be more likely plagued with psychological issues? In this highly fascinating article, Secrets of the Creative Brain, which blends speculation with hard science, the cognitive scientist Nancy Andreasen provides an answer […]

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Magoosh Brain Twister: Get Your Factorials Straight!

For this week’s challenge, to keep the fun with factorials theme alive, I’ve come up with this little diabolical question. To add a little variety, I’ve made it a quantitative comparison question, which many forget can also make for a challenging question. Good luck! Column A 16!^100 – 9!^100 Column B (4!^100 – 3!^100)(4!^100 + […]

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Magoosh Brain Twister: The Terrible Threes – Explanation

As promised, here is the answer to Monday’s The Terrible Threes math Brain Twister! First off, we should translate “what is the greatest value of x where n is an integer”. What the question is asking is how many 3’s can you divide out of 61! + 60! + 59!, or in other words how […]

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Exam Lifehacks Infographic

Sometimes the simplest, smallest study tricks make the biggest difference. They can boost your confidence, improve your focus, and dissipate your exam anxiety. They can even open your eyes to a new method of organization that will boost your academics for years to come. Today, we share our favorite unexpected lifehacks to improve your score. […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: ‘S’ Words

A few months back a “Magoosh-er” had asked me to do a ‘S’-based Vocab Wed. in honor of his first name. This request is perfect since I’ve never had a ‘S’-based Vocab Wednesday. Below are some words—a few of which are high-frequency—that have yet to be featured on Vocab Wed. (Yes, Solomon, I’m talking about […]

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GRE Student Post: “On test day, just relax.”

This Thursday, Francois shares his experience. Thanks, Francois! :D  About me: I am originally from Hyattsville, MD, but I go to school at UMBC (University of Maryland-Baltimore County). There, I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. In graduate school, I plan on studying Aeronautical engineering. Whenever I am not studying, I like to enjoy time with friends. […]

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Magoosh Brain Twister: The Terrible Threes

Welcome to this week’s challenge problem (the third of the series). Though it looks terribly daunting it can be solved relatively quickly. That’s often the case with the GRE: a seemingly inscrutable problem that looks like it’ll take weeks to solve can be unlocked very quickly, if you follow the right path. To make things […]

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