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GRE Scores

When it comes to prepping for the GRE, the most important thing to keep in mind is your target GRE score. The entire point of studying for this brutal exam is to get a score that qualifies you for admission into your desired graduate program. Knowing your goal before you start your prep will help […]

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Student Referral Rewards: Refer Friends = Get Rewards.

Do you love Magoosh? If so, refer your friends and you will be handsomely rewarded. We will send you a $10 Amazon gift card for each friend of yours that also buys a paid account (GRE or GMAT; Math, Verbal, Premium, or 30-day–it doesn’t matter what kind of subscription, as long as it’s a paid one!). […]

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Magoosh Vine!

Magoosh is now on Vine!! Follow Magoosh, like our vines, and share our office shenanigans with your friends.   Have an idea for a Magoosh vine? Leave it in the comments below!

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Treacherous Homophones

English is full of words that sound like other words, and the GRE loves to take advantage of the confusion that may result. Since the definitions for the words are pretty straightforward, I’ve included relatively challenging sentences, some of which use vocabulary from recent—and not so recent—Vocabulary Wednesdays. Rapt We are not talking about presents […]

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GRE Student Post: 18 Days to a 322

Rahul scored a 322 after only 18 days of studying. Read on to find out how he did it!   About Me: I am Rahul from Nellore, India. I love movies, I photograph and make films, and I live by developing software programs. I graduated from IIT-BHU (Banaras Hindu University) in India. My biggest challenge: I’ve been […]

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GRE Article of the Month – November 2014

What Book Changed Your Mind? The Chronicle of Higher Education When someone finds out that I’m an avid reader, that person often asks me what my favorite book is. Typically, I become lost amidst the swirling cosmos that represents the books I’ve read in the last twenty years. More difficult yet is the question, what […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Words from the New Yorker

This time of year people start thinking turkey (at least in the U.S.), and the saccharine jingle of the Christmas carol is never too far away. For me, though, I have other associations with mid-November: lots of people taking the GRE and the release of the year’s best movies. What better place for those two […]

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GRE Student Post: “Plan a schedule and stick to it.”

Next up, Shreyas! Learn how he scored a 325 on his test. Thanks for the tips, Shreyas!   About me: Hi, my name is Shreyas and I am from Bangalore, India. I have been working for about 4 years now and have diverse work experience in IT and finance. My undergraduate major was Computer Science. I […]

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Meet Your Favorite GRE Expert: Chris!

I know that you’re already very familiar with Chris. You’ve learned diabolical GRE vocabulary words from his GRE Vocab Wednesday series, you’ve fought through his bi-weekly Brain Twister challenge questions, and you’ve read his Article of the Month selections. But how well do you actually know Chris? Like, do you know Chris’ favorite 6-syllable word? […]

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Magoosh Brain Twister: Looking for Mr. Right Triangle – Explanation

Before we get started, make sure you remember Monday’s Brain Twister! Question Right triangle DEF has a hypotenuse of less than 7. What is the maximum possible area of DEF, if the area of DEF is an integer? Numeric Entry: [_____________]   Answer and Explanation To maximize the area of a right triangle, we must […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: A Potpourri

Today, there is no unifying theme, beyond the fact that there is no theme. The words are a medley, a hodgepodge, and a farrago of the GRE lexicon (all those words mean a jumble or mixture). Potpourri Speaking of a random assortment, a potpourri is just that. Originally, from a French soup filled with different […]

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GRE Student Post: “Work on Weaknesses, Maximize Strengths”

Say hello to Michele, a UC Santa Cruz alum! She’s a humanities-focused student, but learned how to tackle math on the GRE as well. Thanks for your insight, Michele! About Me: I’m originally from the Sacramento, CA area, but currently am residing in the Bay Area where I work in higher education. I have a […]

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