Top US Engineering Programs That Do NOT Accept IELTS Scores

As you all surely know, if you’re an international student and you want to study in the US, you’ll need to take an English language proficiency exam as part of your university applications. But, which exam should you take? We’ve already written a comparison of the content on the TOEFL and IELTS, as well as a comparison of the scores on the two tests, but there’s another question that’s important to consider:

Do the universities you’re applying to accept TOEFL or IELTS or both? Do they prefer one test over the other?

If you’ve already taken IELTS, but you want to apply to a school that only accepts TOEFL scores, then you’ll need to take the TOEFL, too. To make sure that doesn’t happen, read this post. 🙂 Below, I’ve listed the best engineering universities that only accept TOEFL scores.


Top Engineering Programs That Do NOT Accept IELTS Scores

Of the top 20 ranked graduate universities in the US for engineering, here are the ones that do not accept IELTS scores for admission. You can click on the links to be taken to the schools’ websites where they mention testing requirements.

1. Stanford University

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.02.01 PM


2. Georgia Institute of Technology

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.04.18 PM

Photo by James Emery


3. Harvard University

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.59.08 PM


** says that Cornell Engineering accepts IELTS scores, however on Cornell’s website, only TOEFL scores are listed for both Master’s and PhD programs.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.06.08 PM

Photo by sach1tb


An Important Note!

You should always confirm your specific testing requirements by visiting the admissions sites of the schools you plan to apply to. 🙂

Happy testing!

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