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Have you been searching for a list of TOEFL vocabulary words, in one easy-to-use PDF? Well, look no further than our TOEFL Vocabulary PDF. 🙂

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Do You Need a TOEFL Vocab PDF?


Improving your vocabulary is one of the most important steps you can take when studying for the TOEFL exam. Not only will it help your reading and listening comprehension, but it will also make your speaking and writing responses more complex and nuanced! Even though there isn’t a section of the TOEFL exam that is devoted entirely to testing your vocabulary, you will need to understand words in context and use varied language in your speech.

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Magoosh’s premium TOEFL prep offers many resources for improving your vocabulary, as a way of helping students raise their scores. Once you’ve memorized some new words, sign up for Magoosh’s Free Trial (no credit card required) and put your new knowledge to use in a test-like environment!

Meet the TOEFL Vocabulary PDF

With all this in mind, we’re happy to share our latest TOEFL vocabulary resource with you!

Introducing our latest guide, the Magoosh TOEFL Vocabulary PDF, including 200 of the most important words from our free TOEFL vocabulary flashcards.


Here’s what to expect from this PDF:

  • 200 of the most important words + their definitions, written by our TOEFL expert Lucas
  • Difficulty level of words
  • Parts of speech
  • Example sentences to help you remember the words
  • Additional helpful resources


Since learning English vocabulary helps with every aspect of the TOEFL exam—speaking, reading, writing, and listening!—we think this TOEFL vocab PDF will be very helpful. 🙂 You can print it out and take it with you to study on the go, or use it on your computer or phone.

In fact, this PDF is useful to students who are just beginning their TOEFL prep (consider signing up for a free trial of Magoosh!), well into their TOEFL studies, or not taking the TOEFL at all!

As always, let us know if you have any questions about this in the comments below. Happy studying!

Psst… don’t forget to download your FREE TOEFL vocabulary PDF.


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