TOEFL Speaking Task 2: Example Answer 1

As I’ve mentioned, many TOEFL test-takers find TOEFL Speaking Task 2 to be especially hard. Today, we’ll look at a TOEFL Speaking Task 2 example answer. This model answer follows a TOEFL Speaking Task 2 template I recently gave you: the flowchart-based TOEFL Speaking Task 2 template.

Reviewing TOEFL Speaking Task 2: Prompt and Flowchart Template

Before we get to the answer, let’s once again visually review the structure of the TOEFL Speaking Task 2 prompt:

TOEFL Speaking Task 2 Structure

Now, let’s look again at the flowchart template:

TOEFL Speaking Task 2: Flowchart of a Response

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And now for the answer. We’ll base this answer on an official TOEFL Speaking Task 2 prompt from ETS. The reading passage for this prompt is found on page 18 of TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 3. The transcript for the audio conversation can be seen on page 3 of this same Quick Prep PDF. And the actual audio for the task can be listened to on track 9 of TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 3.

I will show you the notes, audio and transcript for my sample response.

TOEFL Speaking Task 2: Sample Response (notes)

Notice that the notes themselves are in flowchart form. I’ve made the two parts of the flowchart move downward, placed side by side vertically. You can take similar TOEFL Speaking Task 2 similar notes by folding or marking a piece of scratch paper so that it has two columns.

TOEFL Speaking Task 3 example answer

TOEFL Speaking Task 2: Sample Response (audio)


TOEFL Speaking Task 2: Sample Response (transcript)

The university has announced a new policy that they will be playing classical music in the school cafeteria. So students can relax on their lunch break, maybe unplug their personal music and talk more to each other, also.

Now, the student in the conversation thinks this is a pretty bad idea. One thing he says is that during lunch, a lot of students are actually really busy. They’re doing homework, they’re studying. So they’re not just going to want to relax and listen to classical music at lunch. And the student also points out that classical music isn’t even all that popular with college kids.

So if classical music is playing, nobody’s going to like the music, and they’re actually more likely to bring their own headsets and listen to their own music. And that means they’re not going to unplug and really talk to each other. So for those two reasons, the student feels this is not such a good idea.

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One Response to TOEFL Speaking Task 2: Example Answer 1

  1. Kawa September 16, 2016 at 11:20 pm #

    Thank you for your useful tips. I have a question on speaking 3. There are lots of toefl ibt speaking 3 samples on the internet that does not contain TWO reasons in the reading part. But there are two reasons in the listening part. I want to know if such samples are not standard, and in toefl exam, I would see EXACTLY two reasons in the reading part, or it is possible to encounter such cases to.
    For instance, in some samples I see a reading like this:
    -There is an increase in tuition. It will be used to improve labs.
    Now the man in the listening part indicates that:
    -I think it is a good idea. Because the money will be spent on the construction of labs, AND to hire more professors bla bla …
    As you see, there is just one reason in the reading section, and two reasons in the listening section. Is it possible to see such a question in toefl exam? If both reasons are mentioned in both reading and listening sections, it will be far easier to identify them because we have two resources that mention them.
    Thank you for your reading.

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