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How to Study for the Praxis Math


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If you are taking the Praxis Core or re-taking just the Praxis Math, you need to know how to study for the Praxis Math test! Many people overestimate their skills and head to test day unprepared. Study hard and you’ll rock the Praxis Math test!

Figure out what is covered on the Praxis Math test

First, you need to know what to study! ETS publishes study companions for every Praxis test. The Praxis Math test study companion is a great resource. Starting on page 6, you’ll find a list of topics covered. After that, you’ll find a description of question types and examples.

Figure out where your weak points are

Most people have some strong areas and some areas for improvement when it comes to math. Start by looking over the topic list. Do any jump out at you as topics you know you need to brush up on? Write them down.

Next, take a practice test or at least a wide range of practice questions. When you attempt each question, try ranking each question with:

  • 3: “I could solve this in my sleep.”
  • 2: “I’m not totally sure about this.”
  • 1: “I have no clue how to solve this.”

Make yourself a list of topics in order of how much work you need. The “1” questions should be highest priority, followed by those you ranked “2,” and so on. Look at the topics you wrote down early on, too, and make sure they are covered.

Figure out when to study: Create a study schedule

It works best if you set aside a period of time each day to devote to studying. You are much more likely to remember things you learn this way than things you learn in a marathon cram-session. Plus, studying with a study schedule allows you to evaluate your progress as you go using practice questions. For more, read my post on The Best Ways to Study for the Praxis Exam or Mike’s more intensive One-Month Study Schedule.

Check your progress

The best way to check your progress is with practice tests, but often the best practice tests cost money. That may be worth it to really get a feel for how to pace yourself on test day or to have plenty of practice. If you just want to make sure you’ve got the skills down, you can use practice questions. We have lots of free Praxis Math questions here on the blog! Here are some to get you started:

Give yourself plenty of time to study and take advantage of all the resources available right here on the Magoosh Praxis blog. Happy studying!


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