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What Level of Math is Tested on the Praxis?

Announcement! As of September 2019, the content of the Praxis Core mathematics test has changed. Learn more here.

If you are taking the Praxis Core, you are probably wondering about the level of math on the Praxis. The short answer is that the Math subtest of the Praxis Core tests you on all the math you should have learned before beginning college. Even though you may only be teaching elementary level math, you will still be tested on high school graduate level math.

Four Subsections of Praxis Core Math

There are four major content areas covered in the Praxis Core Math test. Thirty percent (30%) of the questions cover “Number and Quantity.” Thirty percent (30%) of the questions cover “Algebra and Functions.” Twenty percent (20%) of the questions cover “Geometry.” Twenty percent (20%) of the questions cover “Statistics and Probability.”

You might be a little worried if, say, you haven’t really thought about geometry since 9th grade. I understand! Remember, the level of math on the Praxis is high school graduate. If you learned and passed once, you just need to go back and refresh your memory. ETS has a completely free online guide to the Praxis Core, so you can read up on all the different math content areas to familiarize yourself. For now, I’ll give you the overview.

Level of Math on Praxis Core “Number and Quantity” Content Area

The content in Number and Quantity includes ratios, fractions, multiplications and division, order of operations, radicals, and exponents, among other topics.

Level of Math on Praxis Core “Algebra and Functions” Content Area

What Level of Math is Tested on the Praxis? Level of Math on the Praxis Magoosh
The algebra section contains questions on topics including algebraic equations and solving algebraic equations, linear equations, solving one-variable equations and inequalities, and solving equations graphically. As far as function questions, you will be asked to both build and interpret functions.

Level of Math on Praxis Core “Geometry” Content Area

The geometry section tests your understanding of various shapes (such as circles and right triangles) as well as the ideas of congruence and similarity, geometric measurement and dimension, and modeling with geometry.

Level of Math on Praxis Core “Statistics and Probability” Content Area

For the statistics and probability section, you’ll want to make sure you know how to interpret a graph, calculate mean, median and mode for a data set, and determine probability. You should also know the basics of statistical variability and distributions.

Check out our archive of Praxis Math resources while you brush up. Your knowledge will be up to the level of math on the Praxis in no time!

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2 Responses to What Level of Math is Tested on the Praxis?

  1. Iva Boone July 23, 2019 at 9:21 PM #

    I just wanted to share a bit of advice the Praxis 7803, which is the elementary mathematics sub test, not only test your ability to work out a math problem but it also test your ability to teach the subject matter (CKT-content knowledge for teachers). I have scoured the internet to find help with this because I am finding it hard to find assessments geared towards this type of testing requirements. In my digging I found a research report about (CKT) testing and it is extremely helpful. I will paste the link below. Once you click on the link just scroll until you see the example questions. The only downfall is that you are given the answers but not the reasons why the answers are correct, therefore, it may take more time to search the internet to help you if you are struggling with some of the questions. It also has assessment questions for language arts that fit the same (CKT) format. I really hope it is helpful. You got this!

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert
      Magoosh Test Prep Expert July 30, 2019 at 7:26 PM #

      Thanks for sharing your advice, Iva!

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