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Where to Find Praxis Practice Tests

Taking at least one Praxis practice test is essential to making sure you are ready to pass the Praxis the first time…or the second or third time if you are studying for a retake.

Taking a whole practice exam helps you quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses. It also helps you identify other issues that may affect your performance on test day, such as time management or fatigue. Even more, taking a Praxis practice test will help you get a feel for the test, so that you’re less anxious about what you might be up against on test day.

Unfortunately, good full Praxis exams are a little harder to find, compared to practice tests for other assessments. Tests like the SAT, GRE, and IELTS are taken by a very wide variety of people, while Praxis exams are only taken by teachers who need specific licenses in specific states. Because of the lower demand for Praxis materials, there are not as many full tests out there.

But it’s still definitely possible to take full Praxis tests for just about any Praxis exam you need to pass. There are a number of resources for Praxis practice testing, both in print and online.

Praxis Core Practice Test

Official ETS Praxis Practice Tests

The official practice materials are pretty much always the best ones for any standardized test. This is especially true when it comes to Praxis exams. With fewer third party materials (and less demand for them), official ETS Praxis practice tests are essential to Praxis prep.

For each Praxis Core and Subject Assessment exam, ETS offers a free online study companion PDF and a single web-based practice test that costs $19.95. This test can be accessed for 90 days or for four complete testing sessions, whichever comes first. Additionally, the text that appears on the screen in these official practice tests can be copied and pasted into a Word Document, so you can archive any practice question you wish to keep and revisit during later test prep. For an index of all web-based official Praxis study companions and Praxis tests, go here.

ETS also once created an official guide for Praxis PPST (now called Praxis Core) and PLT. This book contains practice exams for PPST but not PLT, and some of the content is a bit outdated. The Praxis OG appears to no longer be available for order directly from ETS. See Mike’s book review for more info. If you decide to purchase this guide, you can do so on Amazon. Note: We’ve been told by ETS to expect a new guide sometime in 2016, which we are still waiting for!

Core Praxis Practice Tests from Test Prep Providers

Third party practice tests for Praxis Core are plentiful. Many websites offer unofficial full Praxis Core practice tests. The most authentic mock core tests tend to be offered on a premium basis, meaning you need to pay for the exams, sometimes as part of a larger learning suite that can include video lessons and even live tutoring. There are many free web-based options that are reasonably good as well, such as 4Tests and Dynamic Path. And there are also quite a few print books and ebooks for Core and PLT that offer practice tests. We’ve reviewed many of the top Core books with practice tests right here on the Magoosh Praxis Blog.

Magoosh Praxis Practice Test for Praxis Core

Our Magoosh Praxis prep offers extensive, reasonably priced question sets for Praxis Core Math, Reading and Writing, with over 175 lessons and over 350 practice questions along with email support from expert tutors.

You can easily create a Praxis practice test for yourself on Magoosh. First, choose Custom Practice and then:

  • select a set of 56 Math questions and a time limit of 85 minutes
  • select a set of 56 Reading questions and a time limit of 85 minutes
  • select a set of 40 Writing questions and a time limit of 40 minutes

Then select “quiz mode” so the answers are hidden and you are good to go!

Using custom practice in Magoosh allow you to set up a computer-based practice test for yourself that will exactly match the number of questions and time limits you will see on the Praxis Core computer-based test.

Praxis Practice Test from Magoosh

Praxis Subject Test Practice Tests from Test Prep Providers

For the most part, good third party practice tests are either nonexistent or poor quality for Praxis Exams other than Core and PLT. Outside of the ETS website, every Praxis Subject Assessment practice test we’ve found online is extremely dated. Many third-party Praxis Subject assessment websites and books still refer to the subject assessments as “Praxis II” and base their questions on older test versions that were discontinued or significantly updated years ago. So for Praxis Subject Assessments, just stick with the free study companion PDFs and the practice tests (with explanations!) that come from ETS itself. As well as the help you can find right here on the Magoosh Praxis blog.

Magoosh Praxis free trial


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