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Praxis Essential Information for Test-Takers

You need to take the Praxis test. Now what? Check out our list for all the essential information you need!

A few months before the test…

1. Figure out which tests you need to take.
Most likely, you will need to take the Praxis Combined Core test, which is one test consisting of Reading, Writing, and Math subsections. Depending on your program and what field of teaching you are going into, you will likely also need to take one or more Praxis Subject Assessments (formerly called “Praxis II” tests). Your program or college should be able to tell you which tests you need. Also, remember that some states don’t require the Praxis.

2. Register.
Go to the ETS website and register online. You can also register by phone or mail. If you need accommodations for a disability, medical need, or English as a non-native language, give yourself extra time to complete the paperwork and for your request to be approved. Some people may also qualify for Praxis test fee waivers.

3. Make a study plan.
Mike wrote an awesome post about how to craft a one-month Praxis Core study plan. I’d also recommend answering some practice questions from the three subtests to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. You can also explore the blog to read up on different sections of the tests and try your hand at more practice questions!

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The week before the test…

1. Determine where your testing location is.
You can figure this out by visiting the Praxis website, logging into your account, and printing your admission ticket (which you need to bring with you).

2. Make sure you have everything you need for the test.
…and leave your cell phone at home!

3. Get plenty of rest and eat healthy food.
Stay healthy and on your “A” game! If you’ve been following your study plan, last minute “cramming” won’t make as big of a difference as getting a good night’s rest in the days leading up to the test.

During the test…

1. Stay relaxed!

2. Remember that it is okay to guess if you can’t figure out the correct answer for sure.

After the test…

1. Celebrate!
You’re finished! 😀

2. Wait for your scores.
Depending on what type of test you took, you can get your scores as quickly as 10 business days, or it may take a few weeks. When you receive your scores, make sure they go to your program or college, if needed. Save a copy for yourself, too.

3. Didn’t score as highly as you wanted?
You can retake it!


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