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Praxis Test Centers

Praxis test centers for the Praxis Core are offered all around the United States as well as some sites internationally. There are also test dates frequently throughout the year for the Praxis Core, as it is offered on a “continuous” basis.

In order to look up test centers for your location, visit the Praxis Test Centers website and enter your zip code, city, or country. Typically, there are many locations to choose from if you are taking the test in the United States.

Examples of Praxis Test Centers

For the zip code 37214, a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee, ETS lists these locations within 10 miles:
Praxis test centers-1-magoosh

For the zip code 20814 (Bethesda, Maryland), these locations are available close by:
praxis test centers-2-magoosh

For international testing, you may need to travel a longer distance to get to a testing center. However, many countries do have a variety of testing locations. For instance, here is a selection of the results for Taiwan:
Praxis Test Centers-3-magoosh

International testing does have a couple of rules attached: it is only available for people who need to take the test “for employment, certification or entrance into a teacher education program in the United States,” (ETS, 2016).

The list of locations near you is helpful to choose a center that works for you. It is also a good resource for printing directions before the test and figuring out where to go! Sometimes the centers are small, unlike other standardized tests that are typically held at local high schools, so it is useful to make sure you know where you are going.

The Praxis Core test, as well as most Subject tests, are administered by computer. If you are taking all three Core tests, you should register for the “Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test” (Test Code 5751) in order to take all three tests during one sitting. Most likely, you can also take any Praxis Subject Assessments you need at the same time. When you register, just make sure to look at the dates for the test you need and register for a date during the correct date range. With very few exceptions, as long as you test during the correct testing period, any test location can administer any test. And of course, before you register, check the requirements for your state. Luckily, all the date and location options make the planning part of the Praxis Core pretty easy! 🙂


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