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Praxis Score Release Dates

You took the Praxis! It’s over! Hooray! I’m sure you aced it. But…when will you know for sure? Luckily, you don’t have to wait too long for Praxis score release dates.

Score Release Dates for the Praxis Core

Since the Praxis Core is offered continuously, the date that your scores are available is based on the date you took your test. This means your friend who took the test last month will get her scores sooner than you will, rather than ETS releasing all the scores on one day.

If you took the combined Praxis core, that means your test included both selected response questions (where there is only one right answer) and constructed response questions (such as an essay). Basically, constructed response questions take a little longer to grade, so tests with constructed response questions take longer for scores to be released. For that reason, here is the breakdown of when you should expect your test scores for the Praxis Core:

If you took this test… Test Code Then you will get your scores…
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test 5751 15-16 business days after test date
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics (not as part of combined test) 5732 10–11 business days after test date
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading (not as part of combined test) 5712 10–11 business days after test date
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing (not as part of combined test) 5722 15-16 business days after test date


Praxis Score Release Dates for Subject Assessments

In order to know when to expect your test scores from your subject tests, you need to know the answers to these two questions:

  1. Is the test offered continuously or during a window? You probably remember the answer to this from when you registered.
  2. Did the test include constructed response questions? These are questions that don’t have one correct answer, like an essay.

Here is a handy flow chart to guide you through:

praxis score release dates-magoosh

When your Praxis test scores are released, you can review them online on your MyPraxis account. They will also automatically be sent to the institutions you selected. You can download your score report for up to a year, but after that you have to pay $50, so you should save a copy for future reference. Here’s hoping for good news!


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