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IELTS Speaking Interview Practice | Video Post

If you’re planning on taking the IELTS, it’s time to practice your speaking! Prep smarter for this exam by watching our IELTS Speaking Interview Practice video.
As you may already know, the IELTS Speaking section is the shortest section of the exam, lasting anywhere from 11 to 15 minutes, and is divided into 3 parts:

  • Part 1 is like a personal interview, lasting between 4 and 5 minutes. Here, you’ll introduce yourself and conduct “small talk” with the examiner.
  • Part 2 is called the “long turn.” The examiner gives you a question on a certain topic, and you must cover certain sub-points.
  • Part 3, the last part, will be a conversation on the same (or somewhat the same) issue you spoke about in Part 2. Similar to Part 1, this will be a discussion. However, this is less “small talk” and more analysis and opinion. Watch the video for an example of what this might look like.

The IELTS uses four scoring categories to determine your speaking skill level:

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  1. Fluency and coherence: a measurement of your ability to communicate clearly and logically.
  2. Lexical resource: your vocabulary range.
  3. Grammatical range: an analysis of whether you have a wide range of grammatical constructions.
  4. Pronunciation: a measurement of articulation and intonation patterns.

How Can I Use This Video to Practice for my Interview?

This video is an interactive IELTS speaking video. Here at Magoosh, we wanted to give you a chance to answer questions just as you would on exam day. To do this, pause this video after each question to give yourself a chance to respond. This will give you the same back-and-forth you will experience with the examiner on exam day. With this video, you’ll get a chance to simulate the testing experience and practice the kind of conversation you can expect on the IELTS speaking exam!

If you want more practice, you can take the full-length IELTS practice test that we offer for free on ielts.magoosh.com.


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