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When Do I Get My Praxis Exam Results?

Staring at your Praxis results on the exam screen in the test center can be a big relief. But once you’ve completed the Praxis, a new kind of test anxiety can set in: anxiety over receiving your official Praxis scores.

As I’ve mentioned before, you get your raw score and your unofficial score immediately. Those are shown right in the test center. But in order to get licensed or secure a job you will need your official score, and these Praxis results may take a while to receive.

The good news is that Praxis has a well-organized, predictable system for sending Praxis exam results to test-takers and to schools, licensure boards, etc. There are two different timetables for receiving your Praxis results. One for tests that have continuous availability, and one for tests that are available during certain testing windows—specific time periods when an exam is available.

Receiving Praxis scores for tests that are continuously available

Certain tests are administered pretty much every day. The Praxis Core exams have continuous availability, and there are also a small handful of Praxis Subject Assessments that are offered continuously. The Subject Assessments that are available continuously are:

  • Educational Leadership (5411)
  • Elementary Education Content Knowledge (5014)
  • Marketing Education (5561)
  • Music Content Knowledge (5114)

For continuously available exams, you will be able to view your official scores electronically 10-11 business days after you take the test, provided all test questions are multiple choice/selected-response. Official scores for tests with constructed response portions (such as essays or lesson plans) are viewable online within 15-16 business days after the test.

Receiving scores for Praxis exams given in testing windows

Most Subject Assessments are administered only during specific windows of time within a year. For instance, for the Special Education Early Childhood assessment in 2016, the next windows of time where that test will be available are September 5th to September 17th, and again from December 5th to December 17th. For exams given in limited testing windows such as this, you’ll be able to view your official scores online after the last day in your testing window.

Special Education - Early Childhood - Praxis results for Praxis scores

(The chart above is from the ETS Praxis site where you can use the dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen to look up test windows for other exams.)

The wait time after the end of the testing window is comparable to the wait time after the day of the test for continuously available exams. As a general rule, test-takers get their official results for selected-response tests 10-11 business days after the final day of the testing window. Constructed response results come 15-16 business days after the window’s end. However, there is one small difference with window-based Praxis tests. ETS is very schedule-conscious when it comes to scoring these exams, and actually sets specific target dates for when score results are released. Contact Praxis customer service to get the exact expected date for scores on your Subject Assessment exam.

Receiving exam scores versus sending them

Schools and employers you wish to send your Praxis scores to won’t be able to see your scores at the exact same time you receive them. But they are able to see your official scores very shortly after you do. Specifically, the institutions you send your scores to will be given electronic access to your official exam results the first Monday after your initial receipt date.


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