Praxis Fashion: Layers for Test Day

You’ve read the advice about test day: wear layers, as room temperatures may be too hot or too cold. Let’s find some runway (er, hallway, at least!) ready layering ideas for test day. The goal here is to be comfortable; being stylish is the icing on the cake. You do you.

Layers for the Casual Test-Taker

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. This outfit is low-maintenance to throw together, which is especially nice when you have other things on your mind! Like, ya know, what you’re supposed to bring, where you need to go, and maybe one last practice problem over breakfast.

Personally, I’d avoid shorts even in the heat of summer, unless you are especially warm-blooded. Some of those test-rooms are air conditioned like they are trying to recreate the Arctic tundra. Don’t wear your winter boots, either, though — some places don’t have A/C at all. The same goes for winter — wear a sweater or sweatshirt, but be able to lose layers to lose heat in a hot room if you need to. Try to strike a middle ground.

Praxis Fashion Layers for Test Day Magoosh

Layers for the Trendy Test-Taker

“Trendy” is pretty broad, and by definition, changes frequently.

Look 1: Henley with thick button down overshirt, jeans, or olive-colored pants

A henley is basically a grown-up t-shirt. It’s a collarless shirt with 3-4 buttons, it can be short- or long-sleeved, and it comes in a variety of materials (thermal cotton is most common). Pairing it with a thick button down shirt, the kind that can double as a light jacket, is one of those layered looks that is both trendy and timeless (Don’t tell me that’s impossible, I am the writer here, okay?). It is a more “rugged” look that would be at home as much chopping wood on a camping trip as it would on test morning or going out to celebrate afterwards. Versatility!

Praxis Fashion Layers for Test Day Magoosh Source: May Lee

Look 2: Go for a boho look

Consider pairing a long, stylish shawl over skinny jeans and a form-fitting tee. Belt it at the waist or let it stay flowy.

Praxis Fashion Layers for Test Day Magoosh

Layers for the Preppy Test-Taker

Do people say preppy anymore? Let’s say yes. Moving along…

Look 1: Sweater and button down with nice jeans

In summer, lose the sweater, but make sure your undershirt under the button down can be visible on its own if it is super warm. This is on the “dressier” side, if that is your style. You could even play with patterns on your button-down shirt, and mix-and-match with your sweater. This works for any gender, too!

Praxis Fashion Layers for Test Day Source: Flikr user petitepanoply

Look 2: Leggings with long tank and long sweater

In the fall or winter, switch out the tank for a denim button down. For shoes, pair with booties or flats, depending on the season. This is the holy grail of an outfit that combines comfort, style, and layers. Sweet!

Praxis Fashion Layers for Test Day Magoosh Source: Maegan Tintari

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it makes you feel confident on test day. Go for comfort, with no distracting pinching or scratchy clothes. Make sure your layers are things you can take on and off easily. No matter your outfit, I know you’ll look great and you’re gonna KILL IT on this test!

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  1. Aliza Gomez October 5, 2016 at 2:00 AM #

    Hi Allison, the insight in your blog was a great read. Some of the looks are pretty cool. Keep up the good job.

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