Praxis Core: Praxis I

6 Practice Questions for the Praxis Core

The Praxis Core Series consists of three exams: Core Math, Core Reading, and Core Writing. In this post, we’ll look at a cross section of these exams, with two typical questions from each exam.   Core Math practice questions 1) If 3(9x-5) = 8(3x)-2, what is the value of x? Give your answer as a […]

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Is the Praxis Core Hard?

I’ve been teaching for over a decade now. “Will this be hard?” is a question I get from most of students in the many different subjects I’ve taught. This is an understandable question. It’s one that anyone should ask themselves when they’re about to do an assignment or sit for a test. Academic tasks need […]

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Praxis Core One-Month Study Plan

So you want to become a teacher and have to take the Praxis Core exams? As someone who has devoted his life to education, I think it’s absolutely fabulous that you want to be a teacher. As for the Praxis, I know that may seem daunting at the moment, but with Magoosh’s help, you will […]

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Keeping an Error Log on the Praxis Core

Some folks studying for the three Praxis Core exams find the standards of these tests challenging.  Some folks are non-native speakers, so all verbal questions are challenging for these folks.  Other folks haven’t looked at math in several years, and so anything mathematical is intimidating.  If you feel you have a lot of ground to […]

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The Format of the Praxis Core Exam

Now that you’ve decided to take the Praxis Core, you’re probably wondering just what the test will look like. In this post, we’re going to briefly break down the format of the Praxis Core. The Praxis Core is made up of three tests:   The Reading Test In this 85-minute portion, you’ll be asked to […]

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Free Resources for the Praxis Core

Suppose you are studying for the Praxis Core tests and, like many soon-to-be teachers, you are not rolling in dough, nor are you expecting to break the bank as you pursue this noble career.  As a life-long educator myself, I know that it’s always particularly wonderful for teachers and potential teachers to find free resources!  […]

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How Long Should I Study for the Praxis Core?

No matter what test you’re taking, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is how long you’ll spend studying. If you are wondering how to study for the Praxis, there’s unfortunately no one answer — you should study as long as it takes for you to be happy with your score. That […]

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