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Top 10 Fun Studying Tips for the Praxis Core

Top 10 Fun Studying Tips for the Praxis Core

Studying for the Praxis Core exams doesn’t have to be drudgery. In fact, it can be fun. Try these 10 fun studying tips to help you stay motivated.

Purchase New Supplies

Studying is just a little more fun when you have cool, new supplies to use. Purchase a new notebook and pens in lots of different colors. On top of that, you should get lots of delicious snacks to consume during long study sessions.

Don’t forget to use your new supplies for taking great notes!

Have a Dance Party

Keep your blood pumping by sneaking in some exercise during your study breaks. Make it more fun by blasting your favorite songs and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Create Flashcards

Rather than reading from a book, make your study sessions more interactive by using flashcards. Have someone test you, or flip through them on your own.

Use Your Artistic Skills

Whether you’re taking notes on a book you’re reading or making flashcards, use your artistic skills to make things more interesting. Draw pictures that will help you remember the terms when you take the exam.

Make a Study Playlist

What kind of music do you enjoy? What kind of music will help you study more effectively? Make a playlist of music that you love, so you can enjoy it while you study.

Get Creative

To help you remember things, get creative. Make up songs or write mnemonic devices. These will help you recall information on the exam.

Find a Change of Scenery

When you get bored of studying, change things up by relocating yourself. Look for a place that you enjoy. It could be a coffee shop, a park, or comfortable chair at home.

Study with Others

For added motivation, study with a partner or group. That way, you’re accountable to others. You could also split up the material to be covered. Then, on your breaks, talk play a game, or dance together.

Reward Yourself

After completing each study session, why not reward yourself for the hard work? Think about a fun reward that’s worth working toward. Then, allow yourself to enjoy the reward when you’ve completed your study tasks.

Use Interactive Study Apps

If you spend more time than you should on your phone or computer, why not use some of the time to study? There’s lots of interactive learning applications that you can use to study. Find ones that work for you, so you’ll want to use them again and again.

Use these fun studying tips, or think of ways to make studying fun for you. If studying is fun, you’ll be more motivated to spend the time that you need to prepare for the Praxis Core exam.


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