Free Resources for the Praxis Core

Suppose you are studying for the Praxis Core tests and, like many soon-to-be teachers, you are not rolling in dough, nor are you expecting to break the bank as you pursue this noble career.  As a life-long educator myself, I know that it’s always particularly wonderful for teachers and potential teachers to find free resources!  How can you get high quality help for your Praxis Core tests for free?


Free Resources

1) The most obvious, if you are already reading this post, is this blog, the Magoosh Praxis Blog.  Keep an eye on this growing blog for information about the test, study tips, and practice problems.   In particular, check out all the book reviews: on this blog, you will find a review of almost every book for Praxis available on the market.

2) Many folks planning to take Praxis are rusty in math and need to get their math skills in shape.  One free resource I will recommend comes from another Magoosh product.  For the Magoosh GMAT product, we created math flashcards.  Many of these would be relevant to the Praxis Core math, and practicing these would be an excellent way to build skills.

3) Some folks find the Verbal section more challenging.  Especially for folks for are not native English speakers, one of the trickiest aspect of English are the idioms: for example, which preposition goes verb?  In English, we prevent somebody from doing something, but we forbid them to do something.  Those are examples of idioms.  If you would like to practice these, you can use the Magoosh GMAT Idiom Flashcards.  This will build you skills for the idiom questions on the writing test.

4) It can also help to build your vocabulary in general.  This would make everything on the Writing and Reading tests easier for you.  For the Magoosh GRE product, we created Vocabulary flashcard.  You can also review these same vocab words in the Builder App.



While all these products are designed for other tests, you can use them to get yourself in shape for the Praxis. And what’s better is: they are all 100% free.  Of course, even a full Magoosh Praxis subscription would not be very expensive, and the extensive lesson library and practice questions would give you everything you need for the test.  If you can afford just a little in addition to the free resources, you would find your money very well spent.  I know that’s always important for a teacher!


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