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    Mike served as a GMAT Expert at Magoosh, helping create hundreds of lesson videos and practice questions to help guide GMAT students to success. He was also featured as "member of the month" for over two years at GMAT Club. Mike holds an A.B. in Physics (graduating magna cum laude) and an M.T.S. in Religions of the World, both from Harvard. Beyond standardized testing, Mike has over 20 years of both private and public high school teaching experience specializing in math and physics. In his free time, Mike likes smashing foosballs into orbit, and despite having no obvious cranial deficiency, he insists on rooting for the NY Mets. Learn more about the GMAT through Mike's Youtube video explanations and resources like What is a Good GMAT Score? and the GMAT Diagnostic Test.

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Praxis Study Guide Review: The Best Praxis Books

We’ve compiled our collection of the best Praxis Study Guide reviews for the Praxis Core. Click on one of the 7 links below to jump to our reviews of some of the most recognized Praxis books. Praxis Core for Dummies Exam Sam’s Praxis Core Study Guides Kaplan – Praxis Research & Education Association: Praxis Core […]

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Fractions on the Praxis Core Math Test: Part Three

This is the last of three part series: a) Part One dealt with fraction addition and subtraction b) Part Two dealt with fraction multiplication & division, including proportions c) This part deals with improper fractions vs. mixed numerals First, a practice question: Solutions will appear at the end of this article.   Improper fractions One […]

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Keeping an Error Log on the Praxis Core

Some folks studying for the three Praxis Core exams find the standards of these tests challenging.  Some folks are non-native speakers, so all verbal questions are challenging for these folks.  Other folks haven’t looked at math in several years, and so anything mathematical is intimidating.  If you feel you have a lot of ground to […]

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Commonly Confused Words on the Praxis Core Writing Test

Apostrophes The first set involves words with or without an apostrophe. its = possessive form of “it” it’s = contraction, equivalent to “it is” The walrus climbed onto the ice and looked for its friends. It’s well known that smoking is a health hazard. there = in that physical location their = possessive form of […]

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Free Resources for the Praxis Core

Suppose you are studying for the Praxis Core tests and, like many soon-to-be teachers, you are not rolling in dough, nor are you expecting to break the bank as you pursue this noble career.  As a life-long educator myself, I know that it’s always particularly wonderful for teachers and potential teachers to find free resources!  […]

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Fractions on the Praxis Core Math Test: Part Two

In the previous post, we discussed the basics of fractions as well as fraction addition and subtraction.  As promised, in this post, we will discuss fraction multiplication and division.  Have courage, friends!  With study and practice, you can become a pro with fractions! We’ll start with a couple practice problems. Solutions will follow the article. […]

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Fractions on the Praxis Core Math Test: Part One

On the Praxis Core Mathematics Test, you will have to do problems with fractions.  Ah, fractions!  While mathematical folks love these little critters, I know that so many folks who are, shall we say, less-than-fond of mathematics would rather go through their whole life without ever thinking about fractions.  Some math-phobic people might even think: […]

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