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GRE Math

GRE Math, also known as the Quantitative Reasoning Measure, is a test of your problem solving and math skills. You don't need to relearn calculus, but anything through Algebra II is fair game and there are some tough word problems to contend with. The test has four question types: quantitative comparison, multiple-choice where you select only one answer choice, multiple-choice where you select one or more answer choices, and numeric entry questions. Some questions are stand-alone and others are part of a data interpretation set. You'll want to practice a lot! We can help with that.

Learn GRE Math Basics

Most Popular GRE Math

Learn the Fundamentals This may seem obvious – but you need to have a strong grasp of basics such as exponents, triangle properties, an integers before even attempting to take the test. But even a shaky grasp of the fundamentals can slow you down. Make sure you are confident with the basics. However, there is […]

Bonus: This study schedule is also available in a redesigned, printable version! OK, you are starting more or less from scratch, and you want to prepare for the GRE in 90 days.  You need a strategic plan to organize yourself.  I designed four different versions of the 90 Day Plan, and I need you to […]

Most Recent GRE Math

Over the last six months, I’ve gone through quite a few Revised GRE prep books. One thing I’ve noticed missing is difficult questions relating to mean, median, and mode. Sure, most books describe how to find the average, and what the difference between the mean and the median. Many already know the above, but mean, […]

Today, we’ll cover special quadrilaterals and the facts that you should know. These will allow you to answer questions quickly and understand the basic nature of these shapes.   1) A Typical Parallelogram All parallelograms have the BIG FOUR properties: 1. Opposite sides are parallel—AB // CD, AD // BC 2. Opposite angles are congruent—∠BAD […]