What is a Good Praxis Score?

Wondering “What is a good Praxis score?”? A good Praxis score is a passing score. This is not a test like the SAT or GRE where your scores are going to be scrutinized next to those of other test-takers for the chance at your dream school (or in this case, job). All that matters is whether or not you pass. If you meet the minimum passing criteria for your state (and complete all other requirements for licensure) then you get your teaching license, simple as that! It’s extremely rare for any school or organization to ask for your actual Praxis score; the license is what matters.

What are the Praxis Score Ranges?

On the Core Academic Skills Tests in Math, Reading and Writing, scaled scores range from 100-200 in increments of 2. Scores are calculated by converting a raw number of correct questions to a scaled score that is based on the performance of all test-takers taking that particular Praxis form. The table below gives the median and average performance range of test-takers for 2015:

TestPossible Score RangeMedian ScoreAverage Performance Range
Core Academic Skills: Mathematics100 - 200154138 - 168
Core Academic Skills: Reading100 - 200172160 - 184
Core Academic Skills: Writing100 - 200164158 - 172

You can find the above information along with median and average score ranges by clicking here.

What is a Passing Praxis Score?

The specific Praxis tests you need to take for certification vary by state, level, and subject, but generally-speaking, most hopeful teachers need to take and pass the Core Academic Skills Praxis tests in Math, Reading and Writing (sometimes colloquially referred to as Praxis I) along with one or more Praxis II tests for their specific subject or education level (such as “Biology” or “Elementary Education”).

  • The passing score for Core Academic Math is 150 in almost all states. Pennsylvania and Washington are the exception at 142.
  • The passing score for Core Academic Reading Skills is 156 for almost all states.
  • The passing score for Core Academic Writing Skills is 162 for almost all states. North Dakota and Washington are the exceptions at 160 and 158, respectively.*

When it comes to the Praxis II Tests, passing scores differ between tests and states, so check for the specific Passing Scores by Test and State that you need.

What is a good praxis test score? - Praxis Test

How Will I Know if I Passed the Praxis?

Your score report will indicate a PASSED or NOT PASSED status for each test based on the standard passing standards. Unfortunately, ETS makes it a little difficult to determine how many questions you need to get right in order to get a passing Praxis score, and it can vary between tests. As a general rule of thumb, though, you should be aiming to get over 60% of the questions right (and there’s no guessing penalty, so go to town answering every question!).

*Maine, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania have some special clauses, so if you are applying for licensure in one of these states, be sure to read the fine print (the good news is that the fine print indicates some exceptions that actually make passing easier).

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