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Top 10 Praxis Flashcards Strategies

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In college, I learned that flashcards were one of the most effective study methods for me. So when it came time to take the Praxis, it made sense to use flashcards to help me prepare. Along the way, I learned that the following Praxis flashcards strategies were the most helpful for me. Check these out to figure out what works best for you.


When you’re trying to memorize something, it helps to attach the word or idea to a picture. To recall the meaning of a word or concept, it helps to think about the image. For flashcards, I like to attempt drawing these pictures on my own. However, you could also print clipart for your flashcards. You’ll find that using pictures makes the flashcards more memorable for you.


Try using different colored notecards or paper for different categories or topics of words. This is a great way to help you keep your cards organized and help you remember what category the words fall into as you study.


You’re going to have a much easier time remembering the information on your Praxis flashcards when you stick to simple words and concepts. Don’t write out long questions! Use one answer or word on each card. If you have longer questions that you want to review, break them down into several flashcards.

Known Content

Don’t use flashcards to teach yourself new concepts. You can memorize the answer on a flashcard, but that doesn’t mean you’ll know how to apply it on the Praxis. Take the time to learn the concept before including it on your flashcards.


Studying with flashcards can be fun! There are several games you can do with your flashcards. My favorite games to play include matching or memory. For example, you could try to pair the word with its definition. And since I’m a competitive person, I also like to run through flashcards with other members of my study group. Race to see who can come up with the answer the quickest. Sometimes you just need to mix up your studying and do something fun. Using your Praxis flashcards, you can play these games or make up your own.

Tracked Answers

As I run through the flashcards, I keep a pile of cards that I knew without a problem. Then, I have another pile of cards that I need to continue to review. I’ve also seen people put small check marks in the corner of their cards when they answer them correctly. Once they have a certain number of check marks on a card, they put it away.

Homemade Creation

You can use Microsoft Word or Excel to make your flashcards. There are also Internet programs or apps that you can use. However, I find it best to make my own. As I create the flashcards and think about what pictures to include, I get to think about the concepts. I try to put the definition in my own words, which helps me better understand the concept. In a sense, I end up studying more by making my own flashcards.

Building on What You Know

If there are 100 words or concepts you want to review, don’t make all of your Praxis flashcards at once. For starters, you could have 25 cards. Focus on those flashcards until you know them backwards and forwards. Then, add another 25 cards. Continue to add more cards as you master the concepts. Of course, in order to make this most effective, you need to make a plan before you start.

Speaking Out Loud

As you run through your flashcards, guess the answers out loud. I find that it’s helpful to hear myself say the words. If you can get someone else to quiz you, then you can hear their affirmations as you get the answer right. You can also listen as they read the answer back to you. It’s a great way to remember the information, especially if you’re an auditory learner.
These Praxis flashcard strategies worked for me as I prepared for the exam. What other tips and tricks have you used with your flashcards? Include them in the comments below.


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