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Praxis Test Online Practice

These days, you really can find anything online. And the Praxis is very much on to this trend. There are so many online options for Praxis practice! You can find official options form ETS by selecting your exam from the dropdown menu on the Praxis’s official preparation materials web page.

Free Praxis Test Online Practice through ETS

Every Praxis exam offers a free PDF of study questions. These PDFs are called the Praxis Study Companions. ETS makes a Study Companion for all of the Praxis’s many exams. Study Companions range from 35-70 pages in length, depending on the Praxis test. Each Study Companion PDF has a good assortment of practice questions for its test, as well as answer keys, sample constructed responses, and answer explanations. (For a typical example, check out the Praxis Core Math Study Companion.)

A number of Praxis tests also have a computer-delivered test demo for free online practice. Such demos include some test questions. These demos also let you practice using the digital interface you’ll see on test day. For an example of how these demos look at work, try out the test demo for the Praxis II Early Childhood Education: Content Knowledge exam.

Paid Praxis Test Online Practice Through ETS

ETS charges for some of its web-based practice materials for the Praxis exam. Paid ETS practice for the Praxis tests includes web-based full practice exams– such as this one for Praxis Core Writing. These kinds of practice exams are priced at $19.95. In my opinion they’re worth it– ETS’s Praxis test simulations really helped me pass my own Praxis Core and Praxis II tests.

ETS also offers subscription-based online tutorials for certain exams. here’s one for the Praxis PLT. These tutorials are a little more pricey– $45 for four months of online access. But they do have a real wealth of information. If you find one of your Praxis exams to be really challenging and ETS offers a tutorial subscription for it, this may be a valuable resource for you.

Finally, Praxis offers Study Guide eBooks for select exams. These eBooks, which run $25 apiece, can be downloaded online… but used for practice offline once the files are paid for and purchased.

Praxis Test Online Practice from Third Parties

There are a number of non-ETS resources for Praxis test online practice. Most non-ETS sources focus on the Praxis Core, as the Core Reading, Writing and Math exams are the most widely taken Praxis tests.

Quite a few of these resources are free. 4Tests offers a sizable selection of free Praxis Core practice questions on their website. And right here on the Magoosh Praxis Blog, we offer many practice questions. While we focus on the Core, this blog also features online exam practice for the Praxis PLT.

Paid online practice from non-ETS websites can be useful, but it should be approached carefully. Even well-researched, carefully developed Praxis test online practice should be checked for authenticity. If possible, try to get a free preview of third party online Praxis prep materials, and compare them to real online practice you get from ETS. Magoosh offers a free trial for its paid Praxis online practice, and so do many other similar companies.


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