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What Is the Praxis Exam Pass Rate?

With the pressure to pass the Praxis exams, you may be wondering what the Praxis exam pass rate could be. How many people retake the exams? Here are some things that you should know about the Praxis exam pass rate.

Praxis Exam Pass Rate

For the latest data collected, the Praxis exam pass rate was 89.6%. This number has been decreasing over the years and continues to be in decline. The data shows that there is a noteworthy gap in scores between those who pass and those who fail, meaning that those who pass do significantly better than those who fail. It’s less common for someone to fail by only a few points.

Factors Contributing to the Pass Rate

With the number of people passing the exam on the decline, you may be wondering why? What factors contribute to the increasing number of people who need to retake the exam? Some of these factors could be:

  1. There are no prerequisites to take the exam. Some people choose to take the Praxis exams after college even though they weren’t planning on going into teaching. Therefore, they aren’t as prepared to take the exam.
  2. States are increasing the score needed to pass in their state. With the increased score needed to pass, there are less and less people passing the exam. (Pass rates differ by state. Each state sets their own passing score, so the rates differ by state. In general, the passing rate is higher for the exam than the passing rate is for each state.)
  3. The exam is becoming more difficult. The exams are updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest information in each industry. This could lead to exams that are harder for test takers.
  4. There is an increasing number of people taking the exam. Not only do education majors take the exam, but others who consider going into education take it, too.

Factors Contributing to Passing Scores

On the other hand, there are several factors for the high percentage of people who pass the exam. Studies have shown that the people are more likely to pass the Praxis exam the first time have higher college grades, higher SAT scores, and are more likely to have more challenging coursework in college. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to spend copious amounts of time studying and reviewing the material, too.

No matter how high or how low the Praxis exam pass rate may be, it’s still up to you to do your best and get the scores that you need. Take plenty of time to study the material and complete practice exams.

What do you think about the Praxis exam pass rate? Is the percentage higher or lower than you expected? Why? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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