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FAQ about the Praxis Test for Library Media Specialists

Praxis test for Library Media Specialist
Are you preparing to take the Praxis test for Library Media Specialists? If so, here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions about the exam.

How Long is the Exam?

The exam consists of 120 questions, which need to be completed within 2 hours.

What Information Does the Exam Cover?

The exam is broken into 5 categories: Program Administration; Collection Development; Information Access and Delivery; Learning and Teaching; and Professional Development, Leadership, and Advocacy. There are more questions on some categories than others. According to the ETS website, there are approximately

  • 32 questions on Learning and Teaching (literature, curriculum development, and instructional design)
  • 26 questions on Collection Development (selecting, organizing, circulating, and maintaining resources)
  • 26 questions on Information Access and Delivery (information resources and types)
  • 21 questions on Program Administration (organization, management, evaluation, policies, and procedures)
  • 14 questions on Professional Development, Leadership, and Advocacy

Who Should Take the Exam?

The exam is intended for individuals who are studying to become a K-12 school library media specialist. It can be taken by people at the undergraduate or graduate level. The exam shouldn’t, however, be taken by those who work for systems with differentiated staffing or at the district level.

What Types of Questions Are on the Exam?

The Praxis test for Library Media Specialists is a computer-delivered exam. As such, the question formats are similar to other computer-delivered Praxis exams. Some of the types of questions that you might see on the exam include:

  • Fill in the oval
  • Check boxes
  • Type in the number
  • Click on a part of a graphic
  • Choose the correct sentence
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Drop-down menu

To learn more about the computer-delivered exams and the types of questions to expect, check out the Praxis demo video online.

What Score Do I Need to Pass?

The score needed to pass the exam depends on the state in which you work. However, the average score needed to pass the exam is 146. The scores are weighted based on the number of questions that you answered correctly. You should also note that there may be questions that won’t count towards your final score on the exam.

After you receive the score report, you can find out what the possible score ranges are for the exam. You can also discover your score and whether or not you passed the exam. If you didn’t pass, you can take it again as soon as you’re ready.


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