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FAQ about the Praxis Test for High School Math

In many states, you need to pass the Praxis test for high school math before you can work as a secondary teacher. Most people taking the exam have completed a bachelor’s degree or will be completing their degree shortly. As they prepare for the Praxis test for high school math, here are some of the common questions that come up.

What Is the Format of the Test?

The test has 60 questions that need to be answered within 150 minutes. It’s a computer-generated exam, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the format. On the ETS website, there are practice tests and demonstrations that you can watch to help you prepare.

The test has different types of questions that require you to choose the correct answer or type the correct answer into the blank. Taking plenty of practice exams will give you a better idea of what kinds of questions you might see on exam day.

What Does the Test Cover?

The types of questions are broken down into 2 categories. The first category consists of approximately two-thirds of the entire exam and covers numbers and quantities, algebra, functions, and calculus. The rest of the exam covers geometry, probability, statistics, and discrete math. It’s important to determine how well you know the content in these categories to help you know where to focus for your studies.
Studying for the Praxis test for high school through practice equations

What Study Materials Should You Use?

Unless you decided to throw away, burn, or sell your college notes and textbooks, these are a great resource. If you chose to dispose of them, head to your local library or college library to browse any high school-level or college-level textbooks that they have on hand.

You could also purchase study guides that are made specifically for the Praxis test for high school math. Some of the books available include:

How Do You Create a Study Plan for the Exam?

Start by choosing your test date. The exam is offered for 1-2 weeks every month. Once you’ve selected your testing date, work backwards to make your study plan. Determine when you’ll study each week and for how long. Give yourself plenty of time to cover the content that you need a refresher on. Then, for topics that you’re comfortable with, you can spend less time reviewing them. Write out your study plan on your calendar and keep it somewhere that you can refer to it on a regular basis.

What Tools Can I Use on the Exam?

The testing center will provide you with scratch paper. As far as a calculator, you can’t bring one into the exam. However, there is an on-screen graphing calculator that you can use. Check it out before the exam to get comfortable using it. Practice performing calculations, graphing functions, creating tables, and solving equations. Remember that answers are often rounded, so you may not get an answer that matches the choices on the exam.

Also, don’t try to use the calculator on every question. You could end up spending too much time on any given question. If you can solve it on your own, do it.

As you complete your college career, you’ve learned most of the material that you need to know for the exam. You should feel confident in your content knowledge, but take the time to review the information and make sure that you’re well prepared for the Praxis test for high school math. That way, you can pass the exam and become a certified teacher in your state as soon as possible. Good luck!


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