Do I Need to Take the Praxis Core?

When applying for teaching positions across the United States, one particular headache can be keeping all the licensing requirements straight for all the different positions you plan to apply. Depending on the state, you may just need to take the Praxis Core, take subject tests in the area in which you plan to teach, or you may not need to take the test at all! Let’s take a look at how you can determine if you need to take the Praxis.

What to do first?

 If you’re unsure of whether or not you need to take the Praxis Core, the first place you should check is the Official Praxis website. On the home page, you should see a heading in blue that says “State Testing Requirements”. You’ll want to choose the state or territory that you want the requirements for, and then click the blue “Go!” button.

Licensure Requirements

 After you click “Go!”, you’ll be taken to the requirements page for that state or territory. There, you can view not just the requirements for licensure there, but other important information as well! Information such as what you need for your paperwork to be processed, which Praxis tests you need to take, and if there are any alternate routes for licensure.

Alternate Licensure Routes

 Many states have alternate routes for licensure that don’t necessarily require the fulfillment of a bachelor’s degree in the teaching field. Even with these alternate licensure routes though, the Praxis Core test will most likely be required for many of these states. If there is an alternate licensure route available, the requirements for that route will be linked to.

So Do I Have to Take the Praxis Core or Not?

 Well, it’s complicated! As you know, that requirement differs from state to state. For instance, if you’re only applying to schools in Michigan, that’s a no, since they have other routes available for licensure. Other states, such as Colorado, will require Praxis subject tests specific to your area, but not the Core. For most state, however, it’s a good bet that you will have to take the Praxis Core to obtain licensure. Don’t worry though – we have tons of great resources in our Praxis blog to get you prepared for anything that test can throw at you!



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