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Best Praxis Videos on YouTube

Best Praxis Videos on YouTube

As an aspiring teacher, you know that students learn differently. Similarly, people preparing to take the Praxis study differently, too. If you’re a visual learner, you can benefit from flashcards, videos, and other visual studying methods. Fortunately, there are several Praxis videos on YouTube that you can turn to for help. Check out the best Praxis videos to help you study.

Preparing for the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Education Exam Online Workshop

This video was posted by Katherine Farmer from Murray State University Curriculum Materials Center. It provides an overview of the exam, as well as, helpful tips and study material ideas for you to use. She also discusses strategies for addressing questions in the math, writing, and reading section.

Mometrix Test Preparation

Mometrix Test Preparation is a company that creates books and study material for the exam. They have a series of YouTube videos that provide practice tests and study guides, too. In the videos, a member of the Mometrix Test Preparation team walks through how to approach various math and writing questions that you might see on the exam. You can follow their step-by-step explanation to practice working through the questions.

Teachers Test Prep

Teachers Test Prep offers live classes and tutoring on some college campuses. They provide several videos made for the Praxis Core and other Praxis subject tests. These videos provide test prep help, study guides, and practice tests. Watch as people discuss their step-by-step process for answering various questions like ones on the exam.

Jolene Morris

As a professor at the University of Phoenix, Jolene Morris provides math videos for her students. She also has 30 videos to help people prepare for Praxis exams. She offers math review for various topics that you might be tested on, such as word problems, graphing, probability, and statistics. Scan through the available topics for a quick refresher before the exam.

What are you struggling with still? Are there certain topics you would like to review? YouTube has lots of videos with topics that might help you even though these videos aren’t necessarily specific to the Praxis exams. As a visual learner, take advantage of these resources to help you review and remember these topics for the exam.


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