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How to Apply for Praxis Core Testing Accommodations

In many states, you need to pass the Praxis Core exam to become a teacher. But what happens if you’re blind and can’t read the test? What if you have diabetes and struggle to sit through the 85 minutes of testing? For people who meet the disability requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) or have health-related needs, they can receive reasonable and appropriate accommodations depending on the test’s purpose. If you think that you qualify for a testing accommodation, here are the steps that you should take to apply for them.

Determine the Needed Accommodations

After selecting your testing date, consider which accommodations you’ll require. Some of the ones that are available include:

  • Extended time (time and a half, double time, etc.)
  • Additional breaks
  • A test reader and writer for answers
  • A sign language interpreter
  • Perkins Braille or Braille slate and stylus
  • Tests written in Braille
  • An oral interpreter
  • Separate testing space
  • Printed copy of spoken directions
  • An audio test
  • An Intellikeys keyboard
  • A touchpad
  • Screen magnification
  • Different background or foreground colors
  • A tracking ball on the computer screen

It’s possible to have other accommodations approved, but you need to fill out the forms and request them. Whatever the accommodation may be, it needs to be considered reasonable and appropriate for the exam.

Complete the Necessary Forms

There are several forms and documents that need to be sent before a decision can be made. Some of these include the register form, testing accommodations request form, and a letter of support from your doctor or other professional. You need to gather all of the documentation necessary and fill everything out completely. If you need to send more information, then you’re going to have to wait additional time to get approval.

Submit the Forms

Submit the forms and documentation through the mail or over email. If mailing the documents, include a check or money order to cover the cost of the exam. When using email, wait until you’ve received approval to register and pay for your exam.

Wait for Approval

Approval can take up to 6 weeks before you receive an answer. If you submitted documentation over email, find your authorization or voucher number in the approval letter. Use this number to register line.  

Once you’ve completed this process, the accommodations will last for several years. Keep your authorization or voucher number readily available. If you need to take the test over again or decide to take a different exam, you can use the number to help you get the accommodations once again.


  • Jamie Goodwin

    Jamie graduated from Brigham Young University- Idaho with a degree in English Education. She spent several years teaching and tutoring students at the elementary, high school, and college level. She currently works as a contract writer and curriculum developer for online education courses. In her free time, she enjoys running and spending time with her boys!

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