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5 Best Resources for Last Minute Praxis Prep

If you are looking for resources for last minute Praxis prep, look no further! We’ve got you covered. Here are my top 5 favorite last minute Praxis Core resources.

5 Best Resources for Last Minute Praxis Prep Magoosh

Praxis Core Math Study Companion

The official Praxis Core Math guide from ETS will give you the low-down on what content areas are covered. They also walk you through what each content area entails, so you can sort your Pythagorean theorem from your probability. It also tells you a bit about the on-screen calculator you’ll be using for the test.

Praxis Core Reading Study Companion

The official Praxis Core Reading guide will tell you about the different types of questions you’ll see on the Reading sub-test of the Praxis Core. It includes sample questions so you can get a feeling for the type of reading passages that will be included.

Praxis Core Writing Study Companion

The Praxis Core Writing sub-test includes not only “selected response” questions, but also “constructed response” questions. That means you’ll answer some questions involving things like finding errors in a given sentence. You’ll also write two essays. One essay is an “argumentative essay” and the other is a “source-based essay.” Each is graded on a scale of 1 to 6. The ETS guide gives examples for different scores, like, “This essay would receive a 5, here is why.” Try your hand at writing a response to the sample prompts and compare your essay to the graded examples.

Online Practice Tests

Depending on how last minute this last minute Praxis prep is, you will most likely want to take a couple of practice tests. I like to at least take one before studying to figure out where I’m weak, and one after studying to make sure I’ve brushed up successfully. David’s guide covers lots of different online Praxis tests you can use.

Guide to Guessing on the Praxis

There is no penalty for guessing on the Praxis test, unlike some other standardized tests you may have taken in the past. It’s best to give some answer for each question, even if you aren’t 100% sure what the right answer is. Jamie wrote a great guide on smart guessing strategies you can use on the Praxis test.

Looking for more resources for last minute Praxis prep, like how to deal with nerves or figure out what to bring? Read our test week guide for more last minute advice.


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