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4 Common Praxis Pitfalls

4 Common Praxis Pitfalls

If you find yourself taking the Praxis over and over again, you could be running into one of these common Praxis pitfalls. Knowing what they are can help you bypass them and improve your score.

Lack of Preparation

Too many test takers assume that they know all the math, reading, and writing skills needed for the exam. This over-confidence leads to a lack of preparation. In reality, you need to spend time studying and reviewing the material. Refresh your mind on the things you already know, and make sure that you’re comfortable with all the terms and concepts that will be covered on the exam.

Second Guessing Answers

You’ve thought it out and selected the answer. Then, spend several minutes doubting yourself and rethinking the answer. Don’t. Rather than second guessing every question, trust yourself. If you’ve put in the time studying and preparing for the exam, you have the knowledge needed to answer the questions. Think about each one, eliminate the wrong answers, and confidently choose the answer you believe is correct. Don’t second guess yourself. Just move on to the next questions.

Overthinking Answer Choices

Along with second guessing yourself, you don’t want to overthink the answers. Some people over analyze answers, debating the correctness of each one. In the end, they sometimes make a case for the wrong answer. Instead, remember that if the answer seems wrong, it probably is. Don’t overthink it until the answer seems right to you.

Confusing Math Terms

There are certain math terms that people mix up on the exam. Some of those include

Do you know the difference between each of these terms? Would you be able to tell the difference between these terms on the exam? If not, you may want to break out the flashcards and continue to study.

Think back to your experience taking the Praxis exam or any practice tests that you’ve completed. Did you make any of these common Praxis pitfalls? As you prepare for the exam, make sure that you’re ready by making the changes you need to make. Then, avoid making these common Praxis pitfalls that could hurt your score.


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