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Where to find MCAT Full Length Practice Tests

One of the most crucial study strategies for the MCAT is doing lots of practice questions. What is even more difficult than completing tons and tons of practice questions, however, is getting your hands on MCAT full length practice tests. The current version of the MCAT has made this task especially difficult because the test is only in its second year of existence. Luckily, the powers-that-be realized that future test-takers would desperately need MCAT full form tests to study with, so there are some pretty solid options available now. That’s great news! But now, knowing where to find these little pieces of MCAT gold, becomes the problem. Fortunately, I have sifted through a lot of full-lengths and have listed my top three places to find MCAT full length practice tests below.

Where to Look for MCAT Full Length Practice Tests

  1. Your Local Library– I think the public library is one of the most overlooked study resources out there for MCAT resources. Oftentimes, libraries have the most popular test prep books on their shelves and most of these books come with access to question sets and full-length practice MCATs. The caveat is that these tests may only available as hard copies. However, when your goal is to get in as much practice as possible, these are perfect for exposing yourself to the format, topics, and questions the real MCAT uses. When I first began my MCAT prep, I started at my library to get a feel the MCAT so I would know how to best approach studying. If your goal is to save money on full-length exams, we have some other great recommendations for where to find free full-length MCAT practice tests, too.


  1. Online Retailers- A lot of companies sell stand-alone, full-length practice tests that you can access online, but as we know, these resources can be expensive. Online retailers, such as Amazon, have a good selection of these types of full-length MCAT practice tests for prices that are a bit more reasonable. If you’re looking only for full-length MCAT practice tests, not a study manual, then my favorites are from The Princeton Review and Kaplan.


  1. AAMC– I would absolutely recommend investing in the practice tests and passages offered by AAMC. AAMC, the organization that administers the MCAT, currently has 2 full-length exams available for purchase. Because there are only a limited number of these MCAT practice tests available, I recommend being strategic about when you pull these bad boys out. When I was preparing for the MCAT, I made sure that I took a full-length AAMC practice test in the middle and at the end of my prep to track my progress. These tests are most similar to the real MCAT and are really helpful getting you “in the zone” for test day.


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