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  • MCAT Scores for DO Schools

    Looking for an educational program that focuses on holistic care? Obsessed with the musculoskeletal system? Osteopathic medical schools (DO programs) provide a great alternative to MD programs. So just what do MCAT scores for DO schools look like? In other words, what do you need to get into your dream DO program? In this post,…

  • MCAT Scores and GPAs for Top 100 Medical Schools

    MCAT Scores and GPAs for Top 100 Medical Schools

    A good MCAT score is one that makes you competitive for your dream school! This post wil cover the average MCAT scores and GPAs for the top 100 medical schools, and the differences between the new and old MCAT.

  • What is a Good MCAT Score?

    What is a Good MCAT Score?

    What is a good MCAT score or MCAT score range for applying to med school? Here are some factors to consider when you get your scores!

  • MCAT Score Percentiles

    MCAT Score Percentiles

    Wondering how to interpret MCAT score percentiles, and how your percentile may affect your med school application? Look no further than this post!

  • MCAT Score Conversion

    MCAT Score Conversion

    Along with an added section and its heavy focus on biochemistry, the new MCAT also has a new scoring system that is different in some key ways. In this post, I’ll walk you through the basics of how the new MCAT score conversion relates to old scores. You’ll also find an MCAT score conversion calculator…

  • Is There a Passing MCAT Score?

    Pre-meds are used to undergraduate courses where a grade of 70 or above is required to pass. A passing MCAT score is a little different.

  • What is a Top 10% MCAT Score?

    Getting into medical school is tough these days. If you want to increase your chances, you will want a great MCAT score. A top 10% MCAT score can certainly do the job. To attain this score, you will need a total of 513 or higher on the new MCAT. Top 10% MCAT Score A top…

  • How To Explain Low MCAT Scores

    Explaining a low MCAT score will be an ongoing mission throughout the admissions process, but luckily you have control over the narrative.

  • What If My MCAT Score Is Below Average?

    So after all of your prep and hard work, you get your MCAT score back and it’s nowhere near the 528 you were aiming for. What to do?

  • Good GPA Low MCAT

    The MCAT is tough obstacle for many pre-medical students. Even the brightest students can struggle to score well on the exam. When a student with a high GPA gets a low MCAT score, what do they do? Well, it depends on what the MCAT score actually is. Sometimes, the GPA may be enough to carry…