MCAT Scores

MCAT Score Conversion

Along with an added section and its heavy focus on biochemistry, the new MCAT also has a new scoring system that is different in some key ways. In this post, I’ll walk you through the basics of how the new MCAT score conversion relates to old scores. You’ll also find an MCAT score conversion calculator […]

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What is a Top 10% MCAT Score?

Getting into medical school is tough these days. If you want to increase your chances, you will want a great MCAT score. A top 10% MCAT score can certainly do the job. To attain this score, you will need a total of 513 or higher on the new MCAT. Top 10% MCAT Score A top […]

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The MCAT is tough obstacle for many pre-medical students. Even the brightest students can struggle to score well on the exam. When a student with a high GPA gets a low MCAT score, what do they do? Well, it depends on what the MCAT score actually is. Sometimes, the GPA may be enough to carry […]

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Is There a Correlation Between Major and MCAT Score?

No one would question that good physicians need to know their science. However, do students need to be science majors to go to medical school? The answer is no! There are plenty of doctors that studied different subjects in college. This is actually becoming more common as the number of career changers increases. You might […]

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