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Should I do an MCAT Bootcamp?

For some pre-medical students, the MCAT is a standard summer marathon. You spend three months doing nothing except studying for the MCAT. This may sound intense but some students choose to bury themselves further in their studies by doing an MCAT bootcamp. These programs are typically run by test preparation companies and are considered the […]

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How to Use AAMC Content Outlines

If you don’t know what is tested on the MCAT, you should definitely take a look at the content outlines created by the AAMC (American Association of Medical Colleges). These content outlines are very informative to anyone who wants to do well on the exam. When reading these outlines, there are two key things to […]

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MCAT Vocabulary Resources

Although the CARS section of the MCAT is notoriously difficult, the English vocabulary you are expected to know is not a huge focus, the way it is on some other exams such as the SAT, ACT, or GRE. However, there is a significant amount of reading and reading comprehension required on the MCAT, and mastery […]

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How to Find an MCAT Tutor

You know your MCAT score is important. You also know that it is a tough exam to study for on your own. So you’ve probably asked yourself: should I take an MCAT class or should I get an MCAT tutor? We’ve addressed the first question in a previous post and we will answer this second […]

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MCAT Vocabulary List

Having a strong vocabulary foundation pays huge dividends in a plethora of instances: when you’re writing your personal statement, reading medical journals or a book for pleasure, networking with professionals, attending fancy dinner parties, and so on. Oh, and it’ll pay off big time on the MCAT, too! Be sure to check out our free, […]

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