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MCAT Topics: A Look Into What You Should Know

Even though students are becoming increasingly more comfortable with the new MCAT, there’s still a lot of uncharted territory that everyone is trying their best to navigate. When the new test rolled out in 2015, it seemed like no one knew for sure what exactly would be on the test. Now with the preliminary year behind us, we can chart the course with much better equipment. The new MCAT topics, while definitely more elaborate, is also more indicative of what’s to come in medical school and beyond.

Fortunately, the AAMC is not interested in tricking anyone. They not only publish practice materials and resources, they also provide us with free content outlines. These outlines tell us exactly which topics are going to be on the MCAT. The AAMC even goes so far as to let us know which prerequisite field of study each of the topics is derived from, which helps a lot when you need to brush up on a particular concept.

Unlike the previous version of the MCAT, the new test is much more integrative across disciplines. This means that you will be tested on concepts that have roots in multiple fields instead of just one. For that reason, the way that MCAT topics are categorized is a little different now, too. Gone are the days of topics being strictly biology, chemistry, or physics-based. These changes may seem daunting because of the obvious increase in content, but the authors of the MCAT seem to have really taken into consideration what students will be learning in medical school and beyond by introducing us to these connections and overlaps earlier in the pipeline.

MCAT Topics: Explained

Below is an overview of what is tested in each section of the MCAT. To see a more detailed list of MCAT topics, be sure to check out the AAMC content site. For a guide on how to tackle all of this information check out our post on how to use AAMC content outlines.
MCAT Topics

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