MCAT Tips & Strategies

MCAT Survival Tips

Many of the posts on this blog are directed at studying for the MCAT and preparing for your application to medical school. This post will focus on MCAT survival tips for the actual day of your exam. While there is a lot to do to prepare for the MCAT, there are some actually very practical […]

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Taking Notes for the MCAT

All pre-medical students know that taking notes is important. The majority of students cannot just sit in class or read a textbook without taking notes and expect to do well on an exam. Taking notes for the MCAT is just as essential. Okay, so now you know to pull out some paper and writing utensils. […]

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Biggest Study Mistakes on the MCAT

You’ve probably heard from your peers that the MCAT is a tough exam to study for and it’s true. Many pre-medical students can do great in their college courses but still struggle to excel on the MCAT. Previously, we wrote about the top five strategies for MCAT success that included great tips on what students […]

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