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  • How much does the MCAT cost in 2023?

    How much does the MCAT cost in 2023?

    How much does the MCAT cost? We’ll help you avoid being blindsided by MCAT registration fees! Get the most current fee schedule and see if you qualify for fee assistance (FAP).

  • How Many Times Should I Take the MCAT?

    How Many Times Should I Take the MCAT?

    Created by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the MCAT exam is designed to help medical school admissions committees evaluate applicants. It is not an easy exam and many students struggle to attain their target scores. It is quite common for students to retake the MCAT. These students aren’t happy with their scores and…

  • MCAT FAQ: Your Top Questions Answered

    MCAT FAQ: Your Top Questions Answered

    Confused about the MCAT? Magoosh can help! Our experts answer your questions about everything test-related in this MCAT FAQ.

  • How Long is the MCAT? Full Timing Breakdown

    How long is the MCAT exam? In this post, we’ll go over MCAT timing and time breakdown so you can be prepared for the test of endurance.

  • Changes to the Shortened MCAT Due to Covid-19

    Changes to the Shortened MCAT Due to Covid-19

    AAMC will be offering a shorter MCAT in 2020 due to COVID-19. Find out what’s different about the shorter MCAT and advice on how to prepare.

  • What Time Does the MCAT Start?

      The MCAT is an important exam, one that you cannot afford do miss. So what time does the MCAT start? The official MCAT start time is 8:00 AM. However, the actual time that you begin your exam will vary depending on how long it takes you to go through the check-in process. It will…

  • When Should I Start Studying for the MCAT?

      When should I start studying for the MCAT? This is a good question that all pre-medical students should be able to answer. There are two phases in studying for the MCAT. The first is taking the prerequisite courses required for the MCAT. The second is reviewing MCAT-specific material. As a pre-medical student, you start…

  • Can I Start Preparing for the MCAT in High School?

    Many pre-medical students became interested in medicine at a young age. Many were also told early on that the path was not easy and that’s true. One of the biggest obstacles is the MCAT exam. High school students that want to get a head start then ask, “Can I start preparing for the MCAT in…

  • Does the MCAT Have Calculus?

    The MCAT contains questions that require test takers to do math. However, does the MCAT have calculus? No, the exam does not contain any calculus questions. There is not even a math section so students won’t be doing much math on the MCAT. In addition, the questions that do involve math are usually fairly straightforward.…

  • Is the MCAT Multiple Choice?

    Is the MCAT multiple choice? The answer is yes. There is no free response or writing section on the exam. You might think that the MCAT isn’t too bad but that’s not quite true. Most pre-medical students would agree that the MCAT is a tough exam even though it is multiple choice. However, knowing this…