20 Questions to Ask at a Law School Forum

20 Questions to Ask at a Law School Forum

The Law School Admissions Council law school forums are events held to help you meet with law school representatives and support your journey to law school. You’ll also have to chance to attend workshops organized by the LSAC and meet admissions officers, accomplished attorneys and LSAT test-writers. So how can you make the most out of this experience? Perhaps the best thing to focus on is to ask questions. If you make the effort to speak to as many people as possible and ask the right questions, you’ll enrich yourself with the best information. Take a look at 20 questions to ask at a law school forum!

What to Ask Attorneys at a Law School Forum

1. What’s the reputation of attorneys who went to [X Law School]?
2. What would you change about your application process?
3. Did [X Law School] prepare you to handle the most important legal issues in your area?
4. What are your best tips on thriving in law school?
5. What did you focus on in law school that helped you in your career?
6. What do you think is the best way to save for law school?
7. Do you think you got enough value for your tuition from [X Law School]?

What to Ask Admissions Representatives at a Law School Forum

8. Does [X Law School] offer full-ride scholarships?
9. Are there any little-known scholarships that students don’t take advantage of?
10. What traits do most of your students have in common?
11. What are some major “don’ts” to avoid when applying to [X Law School]?
12. How much does [X Law School] value [your specific work or life experience]?
13. In what ways have some applicants really stood out to you?

What to Ask in General at a Law School Forum

In addition to specific questions, here are some ideas on what to ask relating to your unique situation and concerns.

14. Clarify with LSAC representatives and LSAT test-writers any confusing aspects of the testing process.
15. If you are an underrepresented minority or you’ve undergone special circumstances, ask what resources are available to you.
16. If you have doubts about the topic of your personal statement, you can ask for opinions.
17. If you’ve had serious dips in your academic record, you can ask how to best explain it to the school.
18. You can ask for different opinions on what’s the best way to spend your time between now and law school.
19. You could ask other students why they’re interested in particular law schools. (Maybe there are some insights you can only get from other potential students!)
20. You can ask LSAT test-writers what new developments might be on the horizon for the test.

Hopefully, with this list of questions, you’ll have a great starting point to make the most out of your next LSAC Law School Forum!

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