20 Questions to Ask an Admissions Officer

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If you’ve been invited to interview with a law school–congratulations! Not all students are invited for an interview. If you’ve taken the initiative to request to speak to the admissions representatives–that’s great, too! You can reach out to law school admissions officers via email (great for quick questions!), phone call, or in-person.

If you’re going in for an interview, you’ll want to seem professional, interested, and prepared. Like in a job interview, you should be prepared to answer questions about yourself. Also prepare questions to ask about the law school. If you prepare your questions in advance, you’ll seem more serious about your application. You’ll also come across as a thoughtful person. So what questions should you ask a law school admissions officer?

Ask a Law School Admissions Officer About Compatibility

It’s definitely good for you to know if a law school is a fit for you. While they’re evaluating you, you should evaluate the school. Several schools suggest questions you can ask. Here are some ideas:

  1. How accessible are the professors?
  2. How open are the clinics [related to your interests] and what is the process to apply?
  3. Are the students very competitive with each other?
  4. How often are recreational events hosted by the law school?
  5. Do students feel their lives are balanced?
  6. What is the attrition rate, and why do students generally leave the school?
  7. Do you think shy/outspoken/individualistic [your personality type] students excel at this law school?

You can also ask the admissions officer to connect you with a current student, who can give you an insider’s perspective on the program, professors, and work/life balance.

Ask About Admissions

It’s a smart idea to take advantage of this time to learn more about a law school’s admissions process! You can ask things like:

  1. What are some ways past applicants have really stood out to you?
  2. When do students typically get admissions decisions?
  3. How strongly is the personal statement weighed?

Ask About Job Prospects

This might be the most important category of questions. You’ll thank yourself later if you find out about the job situation, ASAP.

  1. How many students found jobs in [city you’re interested in]?
  2. Which companies most frequently recruit at this law school?
  3. Do you offer any special resources for [special or minority group]?
  4. How closely does the career services office work with students post-graduation?
  5. How often do alumni return to the law school to recruit graduating students?
  6. Do graduates typically find full-time jobs after graduation?
  7. How long does it take for graduates to find their first jobs?
  8. Do students typically go into private or public-sector jobs?
  9. How many students successfully get clerkships?
  10. What do employers say stands out most about your graduates?

Ask Natural Follow-up Questions

Finally, remember that you want to have a normal conversation. This means being flexible and relaxed. If the representative brings up your favorite TV show, roll with it! Ask follow-up questions about your shared interest. I know you might have an image of the perfect law student in your head. You might think this is exactly how you should act. But it’s important to try not to be too stiff and formal. Be yourself, and let the best of your personality shine through!

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