Parents: How to Prepare Your Child for College (SAT and ACT information for parents, and more!)

How to prepare your child for college: If you've ever asked 'When does my child start prep' or wanted to know ACT information for parents or SAT information for parents, this page is a good place to start

Welcome, parents! You love your child and want them to succeed. But do you know how to prepare your child for college? If you’ve ever asked “When does my child start prep?” or needed SAT information for parents or ACT information for parents, this page is for you.

We know that taking the entire college admissions process can be stressful for your kids (and you, too!), so we’ve collected some of Magoosh’s best resources to help you navigate the process. These particular articles are the ones our writers and editors feel are especially useful for parents.

But the list of links below is just the tip of the iceberg! We strongly encourage you and your high school kids to explore the blog as a whole. On the Magoosh HS blog, we offer practice questions (such as our practice ACT test and our practice SAT test), an SAT score guide, an ACT score guide, ACT test dates, SAT test dates, an entire library of college admissions articles, tips and tricks for both tests, and so much more.

If you have any questions at all, please comment below. We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂



ACT Information for Parents and SAT Information for Parents

These posts contain SAT information for parents. You’ll find ACT information for parents in the articles below as well.

What to Bring to the SAT
All About ACT Fee Waivers
Are Parents Aware that the SAT is Changing in March 2016?
Changes to the SAT: The New SAT Math Section
Why Are SAT and ACT Scores REALLY Declining?

College Applications

Understanding the college application process is a key part of how to prepare for your child for college. Click the links below to explore then many ins and outs of applying to school.

A Guide to the Coalition Application: FAQs
Dealing with Parents During College Apps
College Application Tips
Pros and Cons of Applying Early Admission
Secret Extracurriculars: I Can Put THAT on My College Applications?!
The Ins and Outs of Teacher Recommendations
Where is my college app going?
How to Win at Extracurriculars
Want a well-rounded college application? Join the club.
Magoosh’s Recommended Sites for College Applicants
Application checklist: 10 things you might still need to do!

College Admissions

Understanding admissions also informs how to prepare your child for college. This section goes hand-in-hand with the college applications section above. To truly understand how to apply for college, you need to understand how admissions will look at your child’s application. These articles will help you and your child explore the way college admissions works, and the way that college admissions representatives think.

Admissions Advisors May Search Your Social Media
Four Things You Never Knew About College Admissions
What High School Students Wish Parents Knew About the SAT and College Admissions
How to Gracefully Handle the College Acceptance Letter Season
Magoosh + CollegeXpress: High Schooler’s Guide to the Future
College Admissions and Social Media: Myth vs. Reality
Can You Get Accepted After Doing Something Stupid?
High Scores Mean More Than Acceptance Letters
Best College Admissions Videos of the Week — October 17-24

“When Does My Child Start Prep?” College Readiness and Preparation

You may ask yourself “When does my child start prep for college?” These articles help you understand the timeline for college preparation, and the best ways to help your child be college-ready.

What You Need To Know About Summer Pre-College Programs
Make Your College Move Easier
Useful Starting Tips When Packing for College
How To Prepare For The Upcoming College Season

How to Prepare Your Child for College: Student Life, Study Tips, and Test Prep

Another good “when” question is this: “When does my child start prep for their SAT or ACT?” The blog posts linked below address that question. You can also treat this set of links as a general “academic fitness” guide. Magoosh can help you and your child build good skills and habits for test prep and for study in general.

Why Every Student Should Volunteer Abroad
Sweet Dreams: The Effect of Sleep on Student Learning
What Kind of Test Prep is Best for Your Child?
Important Reminders for Seniors Stressing About College
Food for Thought: Maximizing Mental Performance Through Your Diet
Books You Need to Read (That Aren’t on Your Summer Reading List)
FAQs About SAT Subject Tests
SAT Information for Parents
5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Tutor
When Should You Take the SAT?
Standardized Test Anxiety
Real Intelligence: What Makes A Person Smart?

Paying for College

For budget-conscious parents (and children!), these articles are a great how-to-guide. The links below lead to common sense financial advice, and they also hold some surprises. For ideas on how to complete college as cost-effectively as possible, start clicking these links and read on.

The Ultimate Guide to Completing your FAFSA Application
3 Best Places to Look For College Scholarships
Ways to Make College Financially Feasible
Top 5 Tips for Talking to NCAA Coaches
Distinguishing Between NCAA Recruitment Periods
Finding Free Money
Ins and Outs of Financial Aid
Great Scholarship Advice for the B Student
The Massive Financial Aid Secret that You Need to Know
Ten Tips to Get More Financial Aid!
5 Ways to Save Money on Textbooks
5 Easy Ways for Undergrads to Reduce the Need for Student Loans

Choosing a University

Often, simply figuring out where to apply is the first step in how to prepare your child for college. This set of articles will help you and your teen explore the college selection process.

How to Get the Most Out of a College Tour
How To Decide If A College Is Right For You
Top College Research Engines
Is Going Away to College Right for You? Three questions to consider before you select your school
Making the Most of the College Fair Season

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