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Living with the Uncertainty of College Applications

Remember that moment of excitement-relief-terror you experienced when you submitted your final college application? It didn’t last long. Submitting college apps is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you no longer have to spend countless hours perfecting personal statements, re-typing extracurriculars, entering numbers into forms, etc. That agony finally reached its end. On the […]

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What to Bring to the SAT

Fear of the unknown is a big cause of pre-SAT stress. But it doesn’t have to be. The SAT is a known entity! Many of us have taken it (multiple times) and we have wisdom to share. So, if you’re stressed because you don’t know what to expect on Saturday, you’re not alone. Let us […]

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18 Unexpected Tips for a Higher SAT Score

A great SAT score. It’ll take more than traditional studying to achieve. You’ll need guts, perseverance, and … bacon? Yes, bacon. Or sugar. Or clairvoyance or a kitchen timer or a cute panda video. Really, you’ll need a combination of the following 18 SAT lifehacks. They go far beyond book learning. In fact, some of […]

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