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15 GRE Math Practice Questions with Explanations

GRE math questions cover a wide range of topics including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation. With so many areas to study, practice is the key to mastering the GRE math section. Don’t worry—Magoosh is here to help! The GRE math practice questions in this post will help you identify which areas you need to […]

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GRE Data Interpretation Practice Questions

Data Interpretation on the GRE Quant On test day, when you sit down to take your GRE, you will have, among other things, two Quant sections.  Each Quant section will have a Data Interpretation problem set towards the end of the section.  This GRE Data Interpretation set will present data, information, in some graphical form, […]

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Article of the Month – Everybody’s a Critic. And That’s How It Should Be.

Oscar season is upon us and film critic A.O. Scott takes a moment to reflect on the current state of the Oscars. But rather than devolve into a screed censuring the committee for its race bias—which he duly chastises for “racial homogeneity”—Scott takes on the much broader idea of what it means to be […]

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Articles of the Month – Battle of the Grammarians

In the left corner, weighing in with a Harvard doctorate degree in philosophy and a tenured position at the university, is intellectual rock star, Stephen Pinker-author of such bestselling books as The Blank Slate and The Language Instinct. In the right corner, weighing in with the irreproachable intellectual organ that is the New Yorker, is […]

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